Whitethorne Connector to Walton

From Narrows (MP 332.8), the former N&W continues east-northeast, single track, on the south/west side of the New River, turning curvily just south of due east, following the river, to Pearisburg (MP 329.9), northeast past Intermediate Signals at Spout Springs (MP 327.4/.5), just east of due north and then curving sharply clockwise to just west of due south, following a horseshoe bend in the river, east, past Potts Valley Junction (MP 324.5), where the Potts Valley Branch trails in from the northwest (across the river) and a stretch of double track starts, south past Ripplemead, just south of due east, past the end of the double track stretch at Pembroke (MP 320.6), and just north of due east and then curvily south, still following the west bank of the river, past 299 ft. Pembroke Tunnel, 1,195 ft. Eggleston Tunnel No. 2, and 925 ft. Eggleston Tunnel No. 1, to Intermediate Signals at Eggleston (MP 317.9/318.0).

The line continues curvily south along the river, past Intermediate Signals at Berton (MP 313.6/.7) and at Dry Branch (MP 311.0/.1), turning south-southeast past the start of double track at Belspring (MP 308.7), east to Cowan (MP 306.3), where a short branch departs on the north side, and the line turns curvily southeast, away from the river, past a spur on the north side to Radford Ammunition Depot, and through 3,302 ft. Cowan Tunnel, where single track resumes, bridging across the river (which has made a long horseshoe to the east-northeast) at the east end of the tunnel, and running along the north/east bank of the river, past a spur on the north side for Hercules Powder, Intermediate Signals at Pepper (MP 304.1/.2) and at Meadow (MP 302.3), before turning just north of due east, away from the river, where there is a wye on the south side with the former N&W Pulaski District, to the junction with that district on the east end of the wye at Walton (MP 297.5).