NS Blue Ridge District Traffic

The following trains ran over this line in 2010:

Intermodal Trains:
217, Charlotte to Chicago, and 218, return
227, Norfolk to Detroit, and 228, HArrisburg to Norfolk
22A, Norfolk to Louisville, and 23G, Louisville to Crewe
233, Norfolk to Chicago (Landers Yard), and 234, return
236, Columbus, OH, to Norfolk

Trains 217, 218, 233, 234 and 236 began running double stack containers from Septermber 9, 2010

24A, Roanoke to Petersburg (Poe)


Many coal trains run on this line, including:
800 series to & from Norfolk/Lamberts Point, loads & empties
88M, Alexandria/Pepco, loads & empties

147, Crewe to Roanoke, and 148, return

V05, Crewe to Altavista
V06, Roanoke-Lynchburg-Brookneal
V08 and V30, Richmond-Crewe