NS Pocahontas  District Traffic

The following trains ran over this line in 2010 and 2012:

Intermodal Trains:
217, Charlotte (Linwood) to Chicago, and 218, return
22A, Norfolk to Louisville, and 23G, Louisville to Crewe
233, Norfolk to Chicago (Landers Yard), and 234, return
236, Columbus, OH, to Norfolk

Trains 217, 218, 233, 234 and 236 began running double stack containers from September 9, 2010

25N, from Winston-Salem to Louisville
272, from Kansas City to Winston-Salem
274, from Bellevue to Winston-Salem

50J, Chicago to Goldsboro, and 51J return
50Z, Gibson City, IL to Harrisonburg, VA and 51Z, return
50K, Chicago to Goldsboro
52K, Gibson City, IL-Goldsboro, NC and 53K, return
56W, Elkhart, IN to Goldsboro, NC

Many coal trains run on this line, including:
722/723, DPU equipped loads & empties
753, power plant coal
&54-761, Belews Creek, loads & empties
762-771, Hyco-Mayer-Clover, loads & empties
774/775, Hyco-Mayo (PGNX), loads & empties
800 series to & from Norfolk/Lamberts Point, loads & empties
88M, Alexandria/Pepco, loads & empties

17M, Linwood to Elkhart, and 18M, Elkhart to Roanoke
185, Roanoke to Bellevue, and 186, Chicago (BRC Clearing Yard) to Linwood
188, Bellevue (Portsmouth in 2012) to Linwood, and 189, return (still to Bellevue in 2012)
194, Bellevue to Roanoke, and 19M, Roanoke to Elkhart