NS Heartland Corridor
N&W Pocahontas Route

By 2012, the Peavine connection from Cincinnati had been downgraded in favor of the Dayton District via Springfield (below)

Cincinnati Union Terminal

CT Junction to Winton Place

Winton Place to East Norwood

East Norwood to Clare

Clare to Vera (Portsmouth)

Bellevue to Manhattan Junction (Toledo)

Bellevue to Sandusky

CW Tower to Bellevue

By January 15, 2012, the NS Dayton District had been upgraded for double-stack traffic and included in the Heartland Corridor:

Winton Place to Evendale

Evendale to Dayton

Dayton to Springfield

Springfield to London

London to Columbus (ex-PRR)

Vera to CW Tower (Columbus)

Vera (Portsmouth) to Kenova

Kenova to Devon

Devon to Iaeger

Iaeger to Bluefield (WV)

Bluefield (WV) to Kellysville

Kellysville to Whitethorne Connector

Whitethorne Connector to Walton

Walton to Roanoke

Roanoke to Lynchburg

Lynchburg to Pamplin

Pamplin to Burkeville

Burkeville to Jack (Petersburg)

Jack to Poe (Petersburg)

Poe to Suffolk

Suffolk to South Norfolk

South Norfolk to Lamberts Point