Bridger Junction to Wendover

From Bridger Junction (MP 133.2), south apex of the wye between the former Colorado & Southern Denver-Billings line and the Powder River Coal Basin line, the former heads south-southeast, along the valley of the North Platte River, single track, CTC, speed limit 50 mph, past a detector at MP 131.0, Ammon, and the 7,083 ft. siding at Bona (MP 129.2), turning south and then curvily south-southeast, to divert around the Glendo Reservoir, past a detector at MP 124.7, West Elkhorn (MP 122.8), where Two Main Tracks, CTC, start, detectors at MP 120.6, Glendo, and East Elkhorn (MP 118.5), where single track, CTC, returns, southeast to return to the river valley, past a detector at MP 116.6, and very curvily south-southeast, following the west bank of the river, past West Cassa (MP 111.7), where 2MT, CTC, begin again and the speed limit has dropped to 35 mph, Cassa (MP 111.0), detectors at MP 110.7, and East Cassa (MP 107.8), where single track, CTC, returns, to the 4,667 ft. siding at Wendover (MP 103.0), wye junction between the former C&S line (which has too many curves and grades for the coal trains) south to Cheyenne and Denver (turning southwest), and the coal line east to Northport.