Shawnee Junction to Horse Creek/Kiowa/South Morrill

From Shawnee Junction (MP 271.4), the UP connection heads away on the east side, Three Main Tracks, CTC, speed limit 25 mph, northeast leg of a very large wye with the former C&NW line from Fisher Junction, with the east apex at Shawnee (MP 264.7), where there are crossovers and the speed limit has risen to 60 mph, and the former C&NW line heads just north of due east, past detectors at MP 262.7 and crossovers at Lost Springs (MP 259.9), east past crossovers at Myles (MP 253.7), just north of due east past crossovers at Jireh (MP 250.3), where the third track ends, and detectors at MP 248.5, just south of due east past Manville (MP 244.2), where single track, CTC, starts, just north of due east past a detector at MP 235.8 to Lusk (MP 234.3), where 2MT resume, and east-southeast past crossovers at Barnes (MP 225.1), detectors at MP 222.7, and Crandall, where the erstwhile C&NW line continued east and the UP coal line (also former C&NW) turns south, south-southeast, and south again.

There are crossovers at Wolfe (MP 214.3), a turn south-southeast and then south again, detectors at MP 205.7, crossovers at Braun (MP 205.7), a turn south-southeast, crossovers at Sheep Creek (MP 195.1), a turn south, crossovers at Spoon Butte (MP 187.4), detectors at MP 185.1, and Alsop, a turn just east of due south, crossovers at State Line (MP 179.5), the border between Wyoming and Nebraska, a turn southeast, Henry (MP 172.6), where single track begins again, a detector at MP 170.2, a turn south, a bridge over the BNSF coal line between Bridger Junction and Northrop, a bridge over the North Platte River, and the wye junction with the Yoder line at Horse Creek (MP 165.5), where the speed limit is 30 mph and the coal line turns east on the northeast leg of the wye.