Wendover to Northport

From the 4,667 ft. siding at Wendover (MP 103.0), wye junction between the former C&S line (which has too many curves and grades for the coal trains) south to Cheyenne and Denver (turning southwest), and the coal line east to Northport, the latter heads east, single track, CTC, past 1,474 ft. Tunnel 3 (MP 101.5), where it turns very curvily southeast with speed limit 25 mph through the  North Platte River canyon, West Stokes (MP 100.8), where 2MT, CTC, start, East Stokes (MP 97.7), where single track, CTC, returns, 3,622 ft. Tunnel 1 (MP 96.9) , MP 96 (MP 96.0), a bridge over the North Platte River, West Guernsey (MP 95.6), where 2MT, CTC, resume, and Guernsey (MP 95.0), where there was once a crossing with the Colorado & Wyoming, turning curvily just south of due east, following the north bank of the river, past East Guernsey (MP 90.4), where the speed limit rises to 50 mph.

The line passes Whalen, and crossovers at Crossover 88.3 (MP 88.3), and turns east-southeast, still following the river, past the end of 2MT at MP 85.5 (MP 85.5), a detector at MP 82.9, Fort Laramie (MP 82.0), the 10,779 ft. siding at Grattan (MP 80.0), Barnes, Lingle (MP 71.7), the 9,263 ft. siding at Texas (MP 69.6), Vaughan, a detector at MP 65.9, Torrington (MP 62.2), the 12,763 ft. siding at Stuart (MP 57.3), the border between Wyoming and Nebraska, and Henry (MP 53.7), turning south and then east, passing beneath a bridge carrying the UP coal line from Shawnee Junction to South Morrill overhead, and then passing Morrill (MP 46.5) and the 9,048 ft. siding at Enterprise (MP 44.6) before turning east-southeast, still following the river, past a detector at MP 42.3, Mitchell (MP 40.2), where an erstwhile CB&Q branch once trailed in from the north, the 9,148 ft. siding at Jane (MP 36.8), and Heldt (MP 33.5).

Another erstwhile CB&Q branch once trailed in from the north at Scottsbluff (MP 30.8), and the line continues east-southeast past a spur on the north side for Western Sugar, the 9,781 ft. siding at Winters (MP 24.7), additional track at Kelly Bean Spur (MP 22.8), Minatare (MP 21.8), a detector at MP 20.5, the 10,211 ft. siding at Bradley (MP 15.9), Bayard (MP 11.8), where another erstwhile CB&Q branch once trailed in from the north, Prinz, where another erstwhile CB&Q branch once trailed in from the north, and Atkins, turning southeast at DeGraw (MP 3.4), where 2MT, CTC, resume, past the crossovers and connector south to the UP coal line at West Northport (MP 0.4), and the wye junction with the north-south Alliance to Sterling/Brush/Denver line at Northport (MP 0.0), where the 2MT end.