Howells and 10th Street to Spring Street (Atlanta)

At Howell Interlocking (MP 149.9), there is a signal bridge overhead, then the Howell Wye control tower on the north side, followed by the east leg of the wye on the north side with a connector from the former Seaboard line further north. The former Southern main line turns east on the north leg of the wye as the former Southern (Royal Palm route) double track, CTC, line turns away southeast, with speed limit 25 mph within the city of Atlanta with a former L&N line crossing the main line and heading southeast on the north side of that former Southern line, which passes 10th Street, where the east leg of the wye (from Binmont and hence Brookwood, on the main line) trails in, crossing the former L&N line to the former Union Station (now Circle Connection) as it does so.

From 10th Street, the line heads southeast, past King Plow and a connection on the west side to the erstwhile former L&N passing further west around the west side of Atlanta, east, and then south, past Simpson Street and the west side of downtown Atlanta, with the parallel CSX (ex-L&N) track on the east side, that almost looks like a single multiple track line through here. The Georgia Dome and CNN World Headquarters are to the west of the line, as is the Southern's South Yard. The CSX line heads away towards Circle Connection at the former site of Union Station, and we pass the former location of Terminal Station, now occupied by the Richard B. Russell Federal Courthouse just north of Spring Street (MP 152.4), where a CSX connector from Circle Connection trails in on the east side, and the former Central of Georgia line splits away on the east side.