Citico Junction to Chattanooga

In 2012 and 2013, the GRS searchlight signals mounted on signal bridges along this line were replaced by Safetran signals on masts and cantilever signal bridges.

Citico Junction (MP 332.4), where the main line to Ooltewah (and Atlanta) heads east (40 mph on the turnout) and the line to Chattanooga and DeButts Yard continues south-southwest, Two Main Tracks, Automatic Block Signals?, Yard Limits (Chattanooga Terminal), maximum speed 35 mph, past a 20 mph speed restriction on Track 2 between MP 332.4 and MP 333.3, DeButts Yard (MP 334.6) on the west side of the line, with the locomotive facilities (the primary locomotive overhaul facility and paint shop, plus a three-track car repair shop) on the west side at the north end of the 32-track classification yard, with a track on a viaduct, a bridge carrying East 3rd Street over the middle of the yard, a bridge carrying McCallie Avenue over the south end of the yard, with the tracks now Main Track to the east and Track 0 to the west, with three more yard tracks to the west, Webb (MP 334.7), a 20 mph speed restriction on Track 0 from MP 334.7 to MP 337.0, a bridge carrying East 9th Street over the line, a sweeping yet gradual curve to the southwest, with the yard tracks reducing to two and crossovers among them.

The Main Track crosses Track 0 and the remaining yard lead track at East End Avenue (MP 337.0), with a slip switch at Track 0 and a double-slip at the yard lead, to become Old Passenger Main on the west wide. The remaining yard track on the west side becomes Old South Main and heads away west, into the Food Terminal, with a connector back into Old Passenger Main just north of the north leg of the wye on the west side into the Chattanooga Choo Choo (the erstwhile Terminal Station, with the Food Terminal where its coach yards used to be), where a connector trails in on the east side that comes from the original Southern Railway line in from the east, now used by the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. This lead has, inter alia, double-slip connections with the two remaining NS tracks and single-slip connections (southward) with the two CSX Main Tracks that have come alongside to the east, all at Main Street (MP 337.3), where there is a bridge over the eponymous street and a singal bridge south of the crossovers.

The line turns south-southwest (all five tracks), with the yard lead splitting off the West Industrial Track on its west side (but east of the Old Passenger Main), and a track off the TVRM connection heading south to the former Central of Georgia line (Chattanooga and Chickamauga Railway), forming a wye on the east side. The two CSX tracks cross the NS tracks on the flat at 23rd Street (MP 337.5), where there is a signal bridge, to move to the west side of all NS tracks (with a five-track yard behind a fence on the west side), which then have crossovers among them at Chattanooga (MP 338.0), where the former CNO&TP ends and the former Alabama Great Southern begins, reducing to single track to continue south-southwest past the dual I-24 bridges overhead, and Shipps Yard.