Citico Junction to Ooltewah

From Citico Junction (MP 238.2), where the line to Lexington and Cincinnati heads north-northeast, the main line to Ooltewah (and Atlanta) heads just east-southeast (40 mph on the turnout), Two Main Tracks, Automatic Block Signals, Remote Control, maximum speed 60 mph for intermodal trains and 50 mph for freight trains, with local restriction to 40 mph on the turnout at Citico Junction, the north leg of the wye, from Boyce, trailing in on the north side (15 mph on this leg of the wye), a speed restriction to 40 mph on curves between MP 238.0 and MP 235.1 as the line turns southeast to Brown (MP 237.3), east-southeast to Spell (MP 236.6), south past a crossover at Williams (MP 236.0, 25 mph on the turnouts), a restriction to 55-50 on curves between MP 235.1 and MP 231.1, as the line turns east past Jersey (MP 235.0, 40 mph on the turnouts), where a connection from the CSX Chattanooga to Atlanta line trails in on the west side, there is a crossover, and Traffic Control begins.

The original Southern Railway line from Chattanooga once trailed in on the south side, where the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum's Grand Junction lies on the south side, and the line continues east, climbing the west side of Missionary Ridge, past the Volunteer Ammunition Plant on the north side, with a connection on the north side at Tyner, detectors at "Tyner" (MP 232.3), a restriction to 50 mph on curves between MP 231.1 and MP 230.8 as the line edges just north of due east, a restriction to 55-50 on curves between MP 230.8 and MP 227.4, Summit (MP 230.5, 40 mph on the turnout), descending the east side of Missionary Ridge, a sweeping gradual curve around to the southeast, and a restriction to 40 mph on curves between MP 227.2 and MP 225.6, past a foot crossing over both tracks, and a signal bridge over both tracks, to Ooltewah (MP 226.6), where 2MT end in favor of single track, and the line splits (40 mph on the turnout), one leg heading east for Knoxville and the other south for Cohutta (and Atlanta).