Valdosta to Jacksonville (Grand Crossing)

From the 15 mph speed restriction for the flat crossing with the CSX (former ACL) Montgomery to Waycross line, and the wye junction (MP 151.3) where the main line turns east-northeast, a subsidiary line continues south-southeast, and a Georgia & Florida line makes flat crossings with both lines, the main line passes the erstwhile station at Valdosta (MP 151.6), where there are Yard Limits, which continue past a 25 mph speed restriction on curves, from MP 151.5 to MP 152.4 as the line turns just south of due east, past a 19-car north-facing spur for Truss-Joist (MP 52.9), to the yard at Langdale Yard (MP 153.0), single track, Automatic Block Signals, Train Orders, maximum speed 60 mph for passenger trains and intermodal trains, 55 mph for other freight trains, past a spur north to the ADM Mill and UTLX Shops, and a 35 mph speed restriction on curves, from MP 154.1 to MP 154.5.

There is a 17-car north-facing spur at Blanton (MP 161.2), a detector at MP 161.6, the 3,380 ft. siding at Howell (MP 165.0), a 15-car north-facing spur at Mayday (MP 167.6)a detector at MP 169.5, the 10,260 ft. siding and 10-car spur at Haylow (MP 173.0), where the erstwhile Statenville Railway once trailed in on the south side and there was once a flat crossing with an erstwhile ACL line, a detector at "Haylow" (MP 175.2), an 8-car south-facing spur at Thelma (MP 179.0), a turn southeast at Craig Junction, where a branch once left to the north, a 10-car north-facing spur at Headlight (MP 185.6), Ernest, a detector at MP 192.2, the 3,100 ft. siding and 26-car spur at Colon (MP 192.3), a turn south-southeast, and then east-southeast at the 7,860 ft. siding and 34-car spur at Fargo (MP 198.4), where there is a bridge over the Suwanee River to Edith.

The line turns south-southeast again, past a detector at "Council" (MP 204.2), east-southeast, with a 50 mph speed restriction on curves, from MP 204.9 to MP 205.2, past a 14-car south-facing spur at Council (MP 209.9), Ewing, the broder between Georgia and Florida, and Sargent, east-northeast and then east-southeast again, with a 50 mph speed restriction on curves, from MP 211.1 to MP 211.4, past the 10,280 ft. siding and 15-car spur at Eddy (MP 216.5), and a detector at MP 217.8, east-northeast, with a 50 mph speed restriction on curves, from MP 221.9 to MP 222.2, past a 14-car dual-ended spur at Baxter (MP 222.6), a bridge over the St. Mary's River and Moniac, and curvily east, past a detector at "Clarking" (MP 229.8), the 3,320 ft. siding and 10-car spur at Saint George (MP 234.7), a 40 mph speed restriction on the St. Mary's River Bridge, from MP 235.7 to MP 236.0, Kent, a detector at MP 242.0, and the 11,430 ft. siding and 4-car spur at Crawford (MP 244.1), where there is a flat crossing (40 mph on the crossing) with the CSX (Seaboard Air Line) Callahan to Baldwin line.

There is a turn south-southeast, past Keene, Plummer, a south-facing spur on the west side from Westlake Industrial Park, Spaulding, the flat crossing (40 mph on the crossing) with the CSX line to Pritchard Yard at Duval (MP 253.9), the 3,490 ft. siding at Lacy (MP 254.5), Kings Road, an 18-car north-facing spur at Porter Plastics, Inc. (MP 256.0), Hoyt, the yard at Simpson Yard (MP 258.2), a flat crossing and northeast quadrant connector with a CSX line at Grand Crossing, a wye junction on the east side with the NS line east to the docks, and double track, unsignaled, Yard Limits, starts, maximum speed 20 mph, Beaver Street (MP 260.7), where there are junctions with CSX (the ACL main line from the northwest, on the east side, the curve around to the SAL line to the west, where an erstwhile SAL line once crossed on the flat, and the ACL line curving southwest) and Florida East Coast (continuing southeast), and single track, ABS, Remote Control, starts, maximum speed 20 mph, continuing southeast to Jacksonville (MP 261.7), where there are junctions with Jacksonville Terminal (the erstwhile Union Station on the east side) and the continuing FEC.