Forth Worth to Saginaw

From the Two Main Tracks, Yard Limits, speed limit 10 mph, former Santa Fe Fort Worth station (MP 346.0), with its depot on the west side of the line, and the Intermodal Transportation Center that now serves as the Fort Worth station, which has an island platform with two tracks to its east and a side platform to its west, with umbrella sheds and a brick depot to the west, tracks that come together north of the platform for the Trinity Railway Express (see TC to Dallas), and a track on the east side, to the south, that holds the Heartland Flyer trainset, a track used by the latter heads away on the east side, halfway along the station, to the former Santa Fe main line.

The multi-track BNSF Downtown Yard is on the east side of the former Santa Fe main line, and the UP (ex-MKT) lines beyond that (further east, beyond a concrete area), as five track line of the former Santa Fe line to the north continues north, and then edges just west of due north, "single track", CTC, with speed limit 25 mph, bridging over a street, bridging over the  the former Rock Island and Frisco line now used by the Trinity Railway Express as the latter curves away northeast, bridging over four freeway ramps, and then over a street, with the line still at least two tracks wide, and passing a grade crossing, dual road bridges overhead, a grade crossing, a bridge over a street, and a street alongside to the west.

Former MKT/Fort Worth & Denver and former Rock Island lines run, as a double-track line, alongside just to the east at Peach, with the Rock Island's New Yard on the far eastern side of the line, passing a deck bridge over a dry watercourse, a road bridge overhead, a deck bridge over a dry watercourse, and a through truss bridge over the Trinity River, with the other lines on single-track through truss bridges just to the east, and a grade crossing, before the MKT/FW&D line turns north to cross the RI on the flat as all the lines also cross the Fort Worth & Western (former Cotton Belt) on the flat at FWWR Xing (MP 348.8), aka Tower 60, past the 4,383 ft. east side siding at Northside (MP 348.9), the former North Fort Worth yard (now just four additional tracks on the east side beyond the siding, with a road bridge overhead and a grade crossing within the siding, after which the line and the parallel former Rock Island to the east both turn north, past a bridge over a street, edge a little further west, and then turn north again, past a grade crossing and a street alongside to the west, a road bridge overhead, South Saginaw, a siding to the east, and a road bridge overhead.

There are quadruple road bridges overhead, a grade crossing, a three to four track yard at Saginaw (MP 353.9) on the west side of the line, with four more yard tracks on the east side, beyond the former Rock Island, a grade crossing, and the north end of the siding, after which the former Rock Island turns north-northwest and makes a flat crossing, and both the single track former MKT and two track former Fort Worth & Denver make flat crossings (for a total of four lines making flat crossings), with a connector in the northeast quadrant (coming alongside to the east before trailing in), and a bridge over a culvert, with a very large grain elevator alongside the lines to the northeast of the flat crossings and a second very large grain elevator on the west side, north of the former FW&D, followed by a grade crossing and then the wye with the connector west to the former FW&D line, on the west side.

The Heartland Flyer runs along this portion of the former ATSF Texas Chief route.