Argentine Yard (ATSF: 3, KC; BNSF: KCK)

Built as a dual hump yard in the 1950s, the ATSF yard classified 2000 cars per day in 1996. The eastbound classification yard had 48 classification tracks leading to 14 departure roads, with 23 receiving tracks, while the westbound classification yard had 16 receptions tracks, 53 classification tracks, and 14 departure roads. The yard could hold 12,000 cars. After its rebuilding in 1996-97, the single hump yard has ten reception tracks, 60 classification tracks, and ten departure tracks, all 8,000 ft. or more long. The yard uses Dowty retarders, and classified 2,400 cars per day in 2000. It has a theoretical capacity of 5,760 cars per day.

The yard is on the south side of the Kansas River, west of Kansas City, Kansas, along the north side of the former Santa Fe "Transcon". The diesel shops are at the east end of the yard, and there are on-line fuel pads on the main lines adjacent to this facility. [GoogleEarth View]