Amarillo to Avard

From the crossovers at Eastern (MP 550.5), where the speed limit is 30 mph with the former Rock Island right-of-way on the south side turning away due east, the Panhandle sub. continues east-northeast, Two Main Tracks, CTC, with speed limit 70 mph, past detectors at MP 548.0, extra track at Amarillo Air Base (MP 543.4), extra track at Iowa Beef (MP 542.1), location of a Tyson Meats packing plant on the north side of the line, St. Francis (MP 541.0), extra track and a wye on the north side at Pantex Ordnance Plant (MP 539.1), with a spur north to that atomic weapons plant, crossovers at CP 5382 (MP 538.2), Lee, crossovers at CP 5314 (MP 531.4), a wye on the north side with the Panhandle Northern Railroad north to Borger and a Philips petroleum plant, crossovers at Panhandle (MP 526.0), where a 13,560 ft. siding on the north side starts, crossovers at CP 5232 (MP 523.2), where that siding ends, detectors at MP 522.9, and extra track at Cuyler Elevator (MP 519.0).

There was once a wye on the north side with a line north to Skellytown, followed by White Deer (MP 512.6), crossovers at CP 5103 (MP 510.3), Kings Mill (MP 505.9), extra track at Celanese Corporation (MP 505.6), with a spur on the south side for the Celanese Corporation Coal Loop, extra track on the south side at the plant at Celanese Corporation of America (MP 504.3), extra track at Ingersoll-Rand (MP 503.6), detectors at MP 503.0, extra track and a spur to the south at Cabot Carbon Pampa Plant (MP 502.6), crossovers at West Pampa (MP 500.8), a former wye on the south side with an erstwhile Fort Worth & Denver line south to Childress, a spur (the stub of a former Santa Fe branch to the east) at Pampa (MP 498.8), where the depot still stands and a 6,470 ft. siding on the north side starts, and crossovers at CP 4973 (MP 497.3), where that siding ends.

The line starts to curve, albeit headed in the same general direction, past extra track at Hoover Elevator (MP 494.1), crossovers at CP 4940 (MP 494.0), detectors at MP 487.6, detectors at MP 483.5, crossovers at Codman (MP 483.3), detectors at MP 479.9, where the speed limit is 65 mph, the 11,723 ft. siding at Miami (MP 476.9), where the depot is now a museum and the speed limit is 60 mph, detectors at MP 473.6, and crossovers at Lora (MP 471.2), where the speed limit is 70 mph again, turning north-northeast past detectors at MP 468.7, Mendota detectors at MP 464.6, and the 11,017 ft. siding at Mendota Siding (MP 463.5), northeast again past detectors at MP 460.1, crossovers at Canadian (MP 458.6), where there is a modern brick Santa Fe depot, detectors at MP 456.2, and East Canadian (MP 454.0), where a short stretch of single track, CTC, began until the second bridge over the Canadian River was completed in 2005, the parallel bridges over the Canadian River, and a turn just south of east past detectors at West Clear Creek (MP 452.3), where the single track segment ended, and crossovers at Clear Creek (MP 446.7), where the speed limit is 65 mph.

A curvy stretch north-northeast takes the line past detectors at MP 447.1, and a turn curvily east-northeast past the 10,910 ft. siding at Glazier (MP 444.1), detectors at MP 441.1, where the speed limit is 70 mph again, crossovers at Coburn (MP 438.3), detectors at MP 438.2, detectors at MP 433.2, detectors at MP 430.9, extra track at Higgins Elevator (MP 428.5), crossovers at CP 4283 (Higgins, MP 428.3), State Line at the Texas-Oklahoma line, a curve east, northeast past detectors at MP 425.8, north and then north-northeast past detectors at MP 421.6 and Goodwin (MP 421.0), where the 2MT end and single track, CTC, starts, and a detector at MP 416.7, to the 7,657 ft. siding and shuttle-enabled grain elevators at Shattuck (MP 414.4), where a line trails in from the northwest and the main line turns east-northeast, past the 7,683 ft. siding at Gage (MP 406.7), the 7,785 ft. siding at Fargo (MP 398.3), a detector at MP 396.1, the 8,164 ft. siding at Tangier (MP 392.6), and extra track at Union Underwear (MP 391.2)/

The line turns northeast and then sharply southeast past the 7,267 ft. siding at Gerlach (MP 386.3) before turning sharply east-northeast and then east past West Woodward (MP 383.2), where the speed limit is 50 mph, CP 3830 (MP 383.0), where a 14,649 ft. siding starts, Woodward (MP 382.8), where a stub of the Northwestern Oklahoma crosses on the flat, crossovers at CP 3813 (MP 381.3), where the speed limit is 70 mph again, East Woodward (MP 380.3), where the siding ends, a detector at MP 377.6, the 7,924 ft. siding at Mooreland (MP 371.0), a detector at Curtis (MP 368.9), East Curtis (MP 367.3), where a stretch of 2MT, CTC, starts. some curves back and forth, detectors at MP 364.4, Quinlan, the descent of the famed Curtis Hill, detectors at MP 359.8, a turns east-southeast, crossovers at Belva (MP 356.8), a counter-clockwise horseshoe ("curve 41") back to the northwest, detectors at MP 353.9, a turn north-northeast, Heman (MP 350.1), where a short segment of single track, CTC, intervenes, a turn just north of east, detectors at MP 348.3, and a turn northeast again.

Two Main Tracks, CTC, resume at West Waynoka (MP 346.9), followed by  crossovers at Waynoka (MP 345.2), where the speed limit is 55 mph, Wright (MP 344.7), where a Santa Fe branch to Buffalo once headed north-northwest, detectors at MP 343.8, crossovers at East Waynoka (MP 342.4), where the speed limit is 70 mph again, detectors at MP 339.3, West Avard (MP 336.4), Avard (MP 335.9), where a former Frisco line to Enid and Tulsa that carries much intermodal traffic destined for Birmingham and the southeast USA heads east, and East Avard (MP 335.4), where single track, CTC, begins again as the line continues northeast towards Kansas City and Chicago.