NR Junction to Holliday

From NR Junction (MP 111.3), where the speed limit is 55 mph for freights, an MKT line once crossed at grade, and the line to Topeka (used by Amtrak) departs to the northeast at a wye, the freight main continues just south of east, Two Main Tracks, CTC, speed limit 70 mph, past crossovers at Wiggam (MP 107.1) and  detectors at MP 106.5 to Neosho Rapids, where it turns curvily east-northeast, past crossovers at Lebo (MP 93.8), where the line turns northeast, and crossovers at Ridgeton (MP 87.6), where the tracks separate, with the north track continuing northeast past the detector at MP 86.2, and then turning east, northeast, and east again, and the south track turning east-northeast to the detector at MP 86.2, and then turning east-southeast and east-northeast past Melvern, where the tracks come back together, to the  crossovers at East Melvern (MP 76.0).

The line turns east, northeast to Quenemo (MP 71.8) on Track 1, where a Santa Fe branch once headed north-northwest, a former MP line once crossed on the flat, separately, from south-southwest to north-northeast, and the line turns just north of east past Pomona (MP 67.5) on Track 2, detectors at MP 64.4, crossovers at West Ottawa (MP 59.9), where a former MP line once crossed at grade, Ottawa (MP 57.1), where a Santa Fe line once headed south, a former Santa Fe line, now operated as the Midland Railroad to Baldwin heads north, and the main line turns northeast, past crossovers at East Ottawa (MP 55.8), detectors at MP 55.2, Le Loup, where it turns east-northeast, crossovers at Wellsville (MP 45.5), where it turns northeast again, detectors at MP 41.3, Edgerton (MP 39.8) on Track 1, where the tracks separate with the north track continuing ahead and the south track turning east before turning northeast again.

The tracks come back together and turn east at the crossovers at Gardner (MP 34.1), passing a wye on the north side with a spur north to the Johnson County Independent Airport, turning northeast past Clare, north, northeast, and north again to crossovers at Olathe (MP 26.1), where the speed limit is 40 mph and a connector from a former Frisco line trails in on the east side, turning northeast, north again past  Snow, northeast and then northwest past crossovers at Craig (MP 19.5), where the speed limit is 60 mph, north past detectors at MP 18.5, and then just west of north, just east of north past Zarah, north and then just east of north again to West Holliday (MP 14.4), where Three Main Tracks, CTC, start, with two separated on the southeast side and one on the northeast as they all turn east-northeast to the junction with the passenger line coming from the west-northwest at Holliday (MP 13.4), where it turns east northeast to join with the more northerly track. The main line expands to Four Main Tracks, CTC, and the speed limit rises to 70 mph, east of the junction. Two of the tracks, to the south, are at a slightly higher elevation than the other pair on their north side.