Texico (Lone Star Junction) to Amarillo

From CP 6476 (Lone Star Junction, MP 647.6), right on the New Mexico-Texas line, where the speed limit is 30 mph, there are grade crossings on both lines east of the junction, and grain elevators on the east side of the main line east of the junction, the Slaton sub. heads southeast to Lubbock and beyond, the 2MT, CTC, Hereford sub. turns northeast, past detectors at MP 651.2, crossovers at CP 6466 (MP 646.6), where the speed limit is 70 mph, crossovers at Texico (MP 646.1), detectors at MP 643.2, and Wilsey (MP 641.0), turning north-northeast past extra track at Terra Chemical Co. (MP 635.4), and detectors at MP 634.1, and northeast again past crossovers at Bovina (MP 633.8), detectors at MP 629.0, crossovers at CP 6272 (MP 627.2), Parmerton (MP 625.6), crossovers at East Parmerton (MP 624.7), detectors at MP 624.4, extra track at West Friona Grain (MP 623.6), West Friona (MP 622.2) where an 11,396 ft. siding begins, Friona (MP 621.8), where the wooden ATSF depot has been restored in the park north of the tracks, crossovers at East Friona (MP 619.7), where that siding ends, and detectors at MP 618.7.

The line continues northeast past West Black (MP 616.5), where an 11,953 ft. siding begins, Black (MP 614.7), East Black (MP 614.1), where that siding ends, detectors at MP 613.0, crossovers at CP 6123 (MP 612.3), extra track at Peavey Grain (MP 610.0), West Summerfield (MP 608.1), where a 10,806 ft. siding begins, Summerfield (MP 607.8), detectors at MP 607.0, East Summerfield (MP 605.9), where there are crossovers and the siding ends, extra track at ADM Industries (MP 605.3), crossovers at West Hereford (MP 601.3), detectors at MP 601.1, Hereford (MP 600.4), where there is a brick county-seat style depot, extra track at Farmland (MP 597.0), crossovers at Joel (MP 594.5), detectors at MP 594.7, detectors at MP 590.0, crossovers at Dawn (MP 588.0), detectors at MP 585.7, West Umberger, crossovers and detectors at CP 5789 (Umberger, MP 578.9), East Umberger, and detectors at MP 574.5, where it turns east and starts the climb up the long hill out of the Palo Duro Creek Valley.

There are crossovers at CP 5718 (MP 571.8), Lubbock Junction (MP 570.9), where the Plainview sub. heads away south at a wye, and crossovers at Canyon (MP 569.5), where there is a stucco county-seat style depot and the speed limit is 65 mph as the line turns north, past the high bridges over Palo Duro Creek, detectors at MP 569.4, and then east of north past crossovers at Haney (MP 551.2), where the speed limit is 70 mph again, crossovers at Zita (MP 558.3), crossovers at West Amarillo (MP 585.9), the Amarillo Auto Ramp trailing in on the east side,  the 34th Street grade crossing, South Yard, on the east side of the line, I-40 bridging overhead, and 10th Street passing below.

At Amarillo (MP 554.0), the ATSF (former) passenger depot still stands, on the west side of the line, South East 3rd Street passes below, a connector west to the Dalhart sub. turns away, and the line turns east, where the (former Fort Worth & Denver) Dalhart sub. from Trinidad, CO, comes alongside to the north (from the west), the former FW&D trailing in on the north side (replacing the former flat crossing ahead), followed by crossovers at West Tower (MP 552.7), , the former FW&D turning away on the south side as the former Santa Fe line turns east-northeast, and a former flat crossing, with connectors in the north and south quadrants (now replaced by the arrangements at West Tower), with the ex-FW&D line (the Dalhart sub. to the west and the Red River Valley sub. to the east) at  East Tower (BC Junction, MP 552.2), with the speed limit 20 mph through the area, after which the Boise City sub. turns away on the north side (with the Grain Terminal on its north side), East Grand crosses at grade and a former Rock Island line connecting back to the FW&D line towards Wichita Falls turns away on the south side, a bridge over the connector between the Boise City sub. and the Red River Valley sub., a north-to-east connector from the Boise City sub. trailing in on the north side, and crossovers at Eastern (MP 550.5), where the speed limit is 30 mph and the Panhandle sub. continues east-northeast with the former Rock Island right-of-way on the south side turning away due east.