Texico to Lubbock

From CP 6476 (Lone Star Junction, MP 0.0), right on the New Mexico-Texas line, where the speed limit is 30 mph, and there are grade crossings on both lines east of the junction, with grain elevators on the north side of the line east of the crossings, the Hereford sub. turns northeast to Amarillo, and  the Slaton sub. continues east, single track, CTC, speed limit 30 mph, past Farwell (MP 0.6), and turns southeast, past additional track at Monsanto Chemical (MP 2.9), House 227 (MP 3.1), where the speed limit has risen to 55 mph, a detector at MP 5.0, the 11,721 ft. siding and shuttle-enabled grain elevators at Lariat (MP 9.8), Progress (MP 15.6), additional track at Custom Farm Services (MP 18.5), additional track at Shamrock-Blackwater (MP 18.9), the 11,630 ft. siding at Muleshoe (MP 22.2), additional track at Valley Grain Corp (MP 23.9), Protein Processing, a detector at MP 26.1, and Tolk (MP 27.1), where a spur heads away east to the Southwestern Public Service Mill Power Plant.

There is a 5,416 ft. siding at Mill (MP 30.1), the 4,757 ft. siding at Sudan (MP 38.1), additional track at Sudan Livestock Co. (MP 39.3), a detector at MP 41.5, Amherst (MP 45.5), additional track at Tide Products Co. (MP 50.2), the 7,341 ft. siding at Littlefield (MP 53.0), additional track at Gin Track (MP 54.0), additional track at Farmers Coop Elevator (MP 54.4), additional track at American Plant Food (MP 54.5), additional track at American Cotton Growers (MP 55.1), additional track at Bainer (MP 58.5), a detector at MP 62.2, the 5,292 ft. siding at Anton (MP 65.6), Roundup, the 5,326 ft. siding at Shallowater (MP 76.1), additional track at White Stores (MP 79.2), a detector at MP 81.2, additional track at Broadview (MP 83.6), House 245 (MP 85.5), the junction with the West Texas & Lubbock Railroad (former Santa Fe) trailing in from the southwest, the former Santa Fe line from Amarillo trailing in from the north, at Canyon Junction (MP 88.6/673.5), where single track, CTC, is replaced by Two Main Tracks, Track Warrant Control and mileposts are now from Kansas City via Amarillo and Wellington, spurs from the southwest and northeast trailing in, the latter the rump of an erstwhile Crosbyton Railroad line, and the yard at Lubbock (MP 674.6).