Duval Connection/Carnegie to Baldwin

From the 4,003 ft. north side siding at Carnegie (MP 639.0), where there is a wye on the north side with the track connecting north to Grand Junction, on the Nahunta subdivision, and the Duval Connection, where there is a wye with a connecting track heading north to Duval and Dinsmore Connection, also on the Nahunta subdivision, at MP 639.1, where the freight train speed limit rises to 60 mph (full line speed), the single track, CTC, Yard Limits, Wildwood subdivision heads west, with speed limit 79 mph for passenger trains and 60 mph for freight trains, past Marietta, Priceville, the 7,010 north side siding at Whitehouse (MP 643.9), where Yard Limits end  and the Whitehouse block starts, and Otis, where a spur once headed away south to Cecil Field Naval Air Station, to Baldwin (MP 652.3), where there is a flat crossing (MP 652.5) and connectors in all four quadrants, with the Tallahassee subdivision continuing due west and the Wildwood subdivision turning south, with speed limit 30 mph on the turn.