Seminole Connection (Jacksonville) to Carnegie

From a wye, with its north apex at Beaver Street (MP 635.1) in the vicinity of the former Jacksonville terminal station, where the Nahunta subdivision, Sanford subdivision, and Wildwood subdivision all meet, with the route of the former SAL once crossing the north apex on the flat, the single track, CTC, Yard Limits, Wildwood subdivision heads west, with speed limit 15 mph for passenger trains and 10 mph for freight trains on the wye, past Seminole Connection (MP 635.2), west apex of the wye, where the Sanford subdivision heads away south, Honeymoon Wye (MP 635.3), where the original SAL line trailed in on the north side forming a large wye, and the speed limit rises to 30 mph, MP 635.5, where the speed limit rises to 79 mph (full line speed) for passenger trains and 45 mph for freight trains, the former SAL West Jacksonville Yard on the south side of the line, where the Duffold Transportation Center is located, industrial spurs trailing in on the south side, the 4,003 ft. north side siding at Carnegie (MP 639.0), where there is a wye on the north side with the track connecting north to Grand Junction, on the Nahunta subdivision, and the Duval Connection, where there is a wye with a connecting track heading north to Duval and Dinsmore Connection, also on the Nahunta subdivision, at MP 639.1, where the freight train speed limit rises to 60 mph (full line speed).