Charlotte to Salisbury

From the passenger station at Charlotte (MP 376.0), the speed limit is 60-50 to crossovers at AT&O Junction (MP 375.2), where lines from Aberdeen to the east and Winston-Salem to the north intersect the main, and the line turns east-northeast, with speed limit 70-50, past Junker (MP 372.2), where the double track, ABS, line reduces to single track (50-45 on this and all other end of DT turnouts), a turn north-northeast past Newell, northeast at a detector at MP 367.5, east past Harrisburg, east-northeast to Haydock (MP 360.1), where double track resumes and the line turns north, with speed limit 60-50, and then north-northwest past Concord, detectors at MP 355.3, where the speed limit rises to 65-50 Adams (MP 354.1) and Glass, north-northwest to the passenger station at Kannapolis (MP 348.9), where there are textile factories along the line, north past North Kannapolis (MP 347.3), where single track resumes, a detector at MP 346.8, where the line turns northeast, Landis, where the speed limit is briefly 50 mph before rising to 79-60-50, China Grove, a detector at MP 338.0, and Reid (MP 337.8), where double track begins again, to Salisbury (MP 333.3), where the speed limit is 50 mph, a line from Albemarle trails in from the southeast, past a road bridge overhead, and a grade crossing just south of the depot, there is a cantilever signal bridge on the main tracks, a passenger track on the west side adjacent to the platform, a passenger station with restored depot on the west side of the line, a grade crossing, and a line to Asheville diverges to the west at a wye at Yadkin Junction, after which the speed limit rises to 60-50.