Avon Yard

Avon Yard, aka Big Four Yard, along the former Big Four line to Terre Haute on the west side of Indianapolis, was built by the New York Central in 1960, and acquired work from the former PRR Hawthorne Yard on the Penn Central merger in 1968. In 1995, the yard was classifying over 1,500 cars in a 24-hour period. Trains started in a  double-ended Receiving Yard capable of holding ten arriving trains. There are two parallel hump roads out of the Receiving Yard, feeding a single hump and then six fans of tracks with a total of 55 tracks, and a double-ended Departure Yard with 12 long tracks.

The yard is on the south side of the main line, south of US 36, and east of the Dan Jones Road overbridge. The Departure Yard is along the south side of the main line, with the six fans of classification tracks to its south, becoming increasingly curves as the fans get further south. The Receiving Yard is wrapped around the south side of the southernmost fan of classification tracks. The hump is at the west end of the classification yard, with Car Shops between the southernmost fan and the Receiving Yard, and the Diesel Shop along the eastern edge of the fans. There is a balloon track northeast of the Diesel Shop, used for turning locomotives to even out wear. The former caboose tracks are near the western end of the Departure Yard, and just north of the Balloon Track, near the eastern end, both on the south side of the Departure Yard.

There is a two-track intermodal Yard along teh south side of the Receiving Yard, just south of the hump.