Avon to CP1/CP IJ (Indianapolis)

From crossovers at CP MY (MP 9.4), east end of the Avon or Big Four Yard, where the siding ends, 2MT resume, the maximum speed rises to 40 mph, and there are northwest and southwest quadrant connectors with the Crawfordsville Branch bridging overhead, the main line continues east, Two Main Tracks, CTC, maximum speed 40 mph, past the bridge carrying the Crawfordsville Branch overhead, Mount Jackson, the flat crossing with southwest and southeast quadrant connectors, with the Belt Running, at CP1 (MP 1.6), and the junction with the Zionsville Secondary, trailing in on the north side, and the Crawfordsville Branch (former PRR main line), trailing in on the south side, at CP IJ (MP 1.1), where the line heads east into downtown Indianapolis.