Marion to Galion

From the turn east with a yard trailing in from the west where the erstwhile Erie main line once trailed in and the Erie once had its Marion Shops and Yard, the location where the erstwhile Erie Dayton Branch once trailed in from the south-southwest, and a 30 mph speed restriction from MP 101.9 to MP 99, for the flat crossings with the CSX (former C&O/Hocking Valley) Toledo line (with a northwest quadrant connector) and the Norfolk Southern (former PRR) Sandusky Line at CP 101/Marion (MP 101.5), the formerly joint Erie/Big Four line turns just north of due east, double track, current-of-traffic (Rule 251), maximum speed 70 mph for intermodal trains, 50mph for freight trains, and 40 mph for general merchandise trains, with a local restriction to 30 mph as far as MP 99, past a spur to industrial tracks heading off to the north, a wye on the south side with the line to the Marion Industrial Depot, and Slicks..

Single track, CTC, starts at CP 95 (MP 95.7), and the line turns east-northeast, past Caledonia, where it turns northeast, a detector at "Caledonia" (MP 89.9), the 7,620 ft. siding at Martel (MP 87.6), where an erstwhile Toledo & Ohio Central line once crossed on the flat, the start of Two Main Tracks, CTC, at CP 83 (MP 83.9), and the junction (30 mph on the junction, starting at MP 80.6) with the former Conrail Columbus Line, coming from the south-southwest, at CP 80 (MP 80.3), where the erstwhile Erie headed east-northeast and the former Big Four heads north-northeast, past the 5,510 ft siding at Galion (MP 79.0), and the angled flat crossing with southeast quadrant connector (50-40-40 on the junction and crossing) allowing access to/from Pittsburgh, with the former CR/PRR Fort Wayne Line at CP 75/Crest (MP 75.7), beneath a road bridge overhead.