Washington Street to Belt Junction (Indianapolis)

From Washington Street (MP 283.1), where an ex-Big Four line (once going to Cincinnati) heads away southeast to Beech Grove and beyond, and the CSX (ex B&O) Hamilton subdivision to the eponymous town in Ohio, continues due east,  the Indianapolis Line turns away northeast to take up the erstwhile Big Four routing towards Cleveland, Two Main Tracks, CTC, maximum speed 40 mph, but local restriction 25 mph, turning north, past Massachusetts Avenue, where erstwhile former Monon and Lake Erie & Western lines once continued north and the Big Four line turns northeast, MP 281.9, where the 25 mph restriction ends, the angled  flat crossing with the east-west Belt Running at CP 280 (MP 280.1), and Belt Junction (MP 279.1), where the Belt Running trails in from the south.