Kentucky & Indiana Terminal

The south ends of the former Monon and the former B&O come together at VI junction, whence the line heads south-southeast to K&I Junction (MP 268.9), where Yard Limits start, the connection from the NS junction at Tatem trails in from the west,, and the K&IT Bridge over the Ohio River starts, double track, maximum speed 15 mph but local restriction 10 mph to MP 269.0, and then passing the steel trestle over the Ohio River to the north leg of the wye on the east side at MP 270.0 with the former Conrail (PRR) line east along the south bank of the Ohio River, where it turns just west of due south, past crossovers at DI Tower (MP 270.2), where the south leg of the wye on the east side trails in, a crossover and the yard on the west side at Youngtown Yard, Louisville (MP 270.4), ending at Madison Street (MP 271.6).

The line turns south past Garland Avenue (MP 272.3), the spur on the west side to the Goodrich plant, a power plant, and the Dupont plant on the riverbank, at Virginia Avenue (MP 272.8), and then just south of due east, past the yard on the south side of the line at Magnolia Yard, the flat crossing with the Paducah & Louisville (former Illinois Central) at Fourteenth Street (MP 274.8), and the junction at LS Junction (MP 274.9), where the connection to CSX at their K&I Junction continues ahead, and the Norfolk Southern turns away just east of due south, still double track, Yard Limits.

While the interlockings through this area are protected by signals, those signals indicate nothing about the presence or absence of traffic on the track segments ahead; the most permissive aspect these signals can indicate is Restricted Proceed (15 mph).