Westminster to Hudson

From the wye with the BNSF former Great Northern line at Westminster Street (MP 0.6), the former C&NW (Omaha Road) heads east, single track, Yard Limits, Automatic Block Signals, maximum speed 40 mph, past a yard on the south side, a bridge over an erstwhile Northern Pacific line, a gradual curve to the east-northeast, an erstwhile connection on the north side from that NP line, the yard at East St. Paul (MP 1.8), the yard at Hazel Park (MP 5.2), the start of Track Warrant Control at Hazel Park Junction (MP 6.6), Midvale, Oakdale, where the line turns east again, Lake Elmo (MP 11.6), where it turns east-northeast, a former junction with an erstwhile Omaha Road line heading northeast at Stillwater Junction, where the main line turns just east of due south, and the junction with the Stillwater Lead from the north at Lakeland Junction (MP 18.4), where the line turns east across the bridge over the St. Croix River at Hudson Bridge (MP 18.6), crossing from Minnesota into Wisconsin, to Hudson (MP 18.9), where an erstwhile Omaha Road line once headed south and the main line continues curvily east.