Shoreham to Cardigan Junction

The single track, CTC, line, maximum speed 20 mph, heads just north of due east from CP University (MP 2.0 on the line west to Glenwood), past the wye on the south side with the line south the Shoreham Yard, past the yard at Shoreham (MP 0.8) on the south side of the main line, turning east-northeast at the junction with the Shoreham Loop Track, trailing in from Shoreham Yard on the south side at Central Avenue (MP 1.0), where the maximum speed becomes 30 mph, and the line turns east, past a turn northeast, Wilson, a turn east, the flat crossing with the Minnesota Commerical Railway at New Brighton (MP 4.7), where there are northwest and northeast quadrant connectors, Arden Hills, the spur from the North Lexington Industrial Park, trailing in on the north side, MP 7.6, where the maximum speed rises to 40 mph, and the wye with the St. Paul sub., coming in from the south, where the line turns north-northeast.