Soo Line Junction to Cardigan Junction

The single track line, in Yard Limits with 10 mph maximum speed, heads just west of due north from the junction with the BNSF St. Paul sub. at Soo Line Junction (MP 17.1), where the junction is a northeast quadrant connector to a spur (the erstwhile line from the Soo Line's St. Paul station) making a flat crossing with the BNSF line that heads west, joining the CP line at  Parkway Junction (MP 16.6), turning north-northeast at McCarron Lake, north at Echo Lake, and just west of due north at Round Lake, passing Little Canada, a bridge over the Minnesota Commercial, Harvey and Cuenca to the junction with the Withrow sub., making a wye on the west side of the line at Cardigan Junction (MP 11.8), where the Withrow sub. continues north-northeast.