South Itasca to Owen

From the wye at South Itasca (MP 452.9), in yard limits, where the DM&IR comes from the west-southwest and the former Omaha Road comes from the north-northwest, the Wisconsin Central line heads just east of due south, single track, CTC, maximum speed 60 mph, past the start of CTC at Parkland (MP 452.4), and South Range, turning east, south past Rockmont, the former crossing with the erstwhile Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic, and Hines, south-southeast to the 8,003 ft. siding at Hawthorne (MP 441.0), south past a detector at MP 436.5 and Bennett, just east of due south and then south again, past the 8,500 ft. siding at Sauntry (MP 430.5) and Solon Springs, south-southeast, alongside the upper reaches of the St. Croix River, and just west of due South, still following that river, to Spur 422 (Trego Junction), originally a crossing of the Omaha Road and original Wisconsin Central, where today's route shifts from the Omaha Road to that original WC, turning just east of due south.

The line bridges over the St. Croix Rive and passes Gordon (MP 420.0), a detector at MP 416.5, Chittamo (MP 412.6), Harmon, and the 7,290 ft. siding at Stanberry (MP 403.5), bridging over a short residual segment of an Omaha Road line (known as the Hayward Spur), and passing the junction with the southwest quadrant connector to the Hayward Spur at Hayward Junction (MP 400.5), a detector at MP 398.0, and Brownlee, turning southwest, southeast, south past Stone Lake (MP 389.4), southeast past a detector at MP 388.9 and the 8,268 ft. siding at Big Foot (MP 385.0), south-southeast, past Hauer, east past a former crossing with an erstwhile Soo Line branch, and south-southeast, past Beverly, Lemington (MP 377.1), where there was once a crossing with an erstwhile Omaha Road  line, and Weirgor (MP 370.9), turning just east of due south, past Exeland (MP 369.1), a detector at MP 368.7, and the 7,398 ft. siding at Murry (MP 363.7).

There is a bridge over the Chippewa River, Crane, Jerome, the junction (flat crossing with northwest quadrant connector) with the Barron sub. to the west and Bradley sub. to the east (both the original Soo main line) at Ladysmith (MP 353.2), where there is a yard, a bridge over the Flambeau River, where the line turns south-southeast, a detector at MP 348.5, Conrath (MP 346.9), the 7,050 ft. siding at Sheldon (MP 341.0), a detector at MP 336.0, Donald, where an erstwhile Omaha Road branch once crossed, Gilman (MP 327.3), where an erstwhile Soo Line branch once crossed at an acute angle, Polley, a turn southeast, the 6,961 ft. siding at Lublin (MP 321.0), and Clark, to the junction between the Superior sub., coming from the northwest, and the Minneapolis sub. coming from the west, at Owen (MP 308.5), where an erstwhile line once continued east, and the erstwhile Fairchild & Northeastern once headed south.