Withrow/Carnelian Junction to Owen

From Withrow (MP 432.1), where there is a 3,546 ft. siding, the branch to Dresser (erstwhile Soo Line to Superior) continues north-northeast as the main line turns east, single track, Track Warrant Control, maximum speed 40 mph, past Carnelian Junction, where an erstwhile SOO line once trailed in from the southwest, a detector at MP 428.1, Arcola, and the bridge over the St. Croix River (25 mph on the bridge) at MP 424.3, crossing from Minnesota into Wisconsin, turning southeast at the 4,042 ft. siding at Somerset (MP 421.1), past a detector at MP 420.1, turning curvily east-northeast, and then curvily east,  past the 5,273 ft. siding at New Richmond (MP 413.5), where there was once a flat crossing with an erstwhile Omaha Road line, Jewett, Cylon, where an earlier routing once departed on the south side, and the 6,051 ft. siding at Emerald (MP 399.3).

The line turns southeast, south, and then east at the 6,322 ft. siding at Downing Junction (MP 389.9), where that earlier routing once trailed back in, past Boyceville (MP 386.2), a detector at MP 384.9, and the 4,180 ft. siding at Wheeler (MP 379.4), southeast past Horton, curvily east, bridging over the Cedar River and past the 5,958 ft. siding at Colfax (MP 369.0), east-southeast past Albertville (MP 362.0) and the 4,352 ft. siding at Howard (MP 358.8), southeast past Wheaton-Peaking Spur, and curvily east past the yard and bridge over the Chippewa River at Chippewa Falls (MP 352.2), where there is a flat crossing with the UP (former Omaha Road) line north to Cameron (and formerly, Spooner).

Passing Home Park, the line turns southeast, then east to pass across an arm of an artificial lake created by a dam on the river, and then continues curvily east, past the 3,660 ft. aiding at Bateman (MP 344.4), a detector at MP 343.4, the 6,281 ft. siding at Cadott (MP 338.7), Boyd (MP 332.6), the 3,704 ft. siding at Stanley (MP 327.2), where an erstwhile line once headed north, Eidsvold, the 6,033 ft. siding at Thorp (MP 320.5), Lombard, Withee (MP 310.5), and the 5,258 ft. siding and junction with the Superior sub., coming from the northwest, at Owen (MP 308.5), where the line turns southeast.