Deming to El Paso

There is a passenger station on the north side of the line at Deming (MP 1208.x), between the ex-SP and four ex-Santa Fe tracks there, with connecting tracks east of that location. The ex-Santa Fe line heads away east-northeast at the east end of Deming (although its connection with the former SP line is west of the location of the depot). The ex-SP, now UP, Two Main Track, CTC, main line, with speed limit 79-70, continues just north of east, past two bridges over arroyos, crossovers at MP 1210.7, with a short double-ended extra track on each side, Intermediate Signals at MP 1211.x, three bridges over arroyos, Intermediate Signals at MP 1214.x, a bridge over an arroyo, Intermediate Signals and detectors at MP 1215.4, Intermediate Signals at MP 1215.x, a dual-ended spur on ea side at the crossovers at Carne (MP 1217.x), where the line turns east-southeast, Intermediate Signals at MP 1218.6, Intermediate Signals at MP 1220.7, a dirt road grade crossing, a short dual-ended spur on the south side, and one on the north side, near MP 1222, Intermediate Signals at MP 1223.x, a dirt road grade crossing just west of the detector, a bridge over an arroyo, Intermediate Signals and detectors at MP 1226.0, crossovers at Akela (MP 1228.x), Intermediate Signals at MP 1229.8, a short dual-ended spur on each side near MP 1229.8, a dirt road grade crossing to Soho Ranch on the north side, and Cambray.

There are Intermediate Signals at MP 1231.x, a narrow road alongside to the north, Intermediate Signals at MP 1233.x, a bridge over an arroyo, detectors at MP 1234.0, dual road bridges overhead, Intermediate Signals at MP 1236.x, crossovers at Dona (MP 1237.x), Intermediate Signals at MP 1239.x, a short dual-ended spur on the south side, and on the north side, at MP 1239.x, Intermediate Signals at MP 1240.6 and at MP 1242.x, detectors at MP 1244.2, where the line turns south-southeast, Intermediate Signals at MP 1246.x, where the speed limit is briefly 75-70 and the line turns southeast, crossovers at Aden (MP 1248.x), Intermediate Signals at MP 1250.x, where there is a short dual-ended spur on each side, a detector at MP 1252.0?, Intermediate Signals at MP 1254.x, a detector at MP 1256.1 (Kenzin), crossovers at Afton (MP 1258.x), a dirt road grade crossing, with an old corral on the south side near MP 1259, Intermediate Signals at MP 1260.x, where there is a short dual-ended spur on each side, Rutter, Intermediate Signals at MP 1263.x, 1265.x and 1266.x, a detector at MP 1266.5, crossovers at Lanark (MP 1268.x), signs of massive new construction on both sides of the line between MP 1270 and MP 1280, presumably for the new yard UP is building along nhere, Intermediate Signals at MP 1269.5 and MP 1272.x, Intermediate Signals at MP 1274.x, where there is a short dual-ended spur on the north side, and on the south side, Intermediate Signals at MP 1275.2, and Intermediate Signals at MP 1276.x. The terrain is flat scrubland, with isolated groups of mountains off in the distance.

There are crossovers at MP 1278.4, detectors at MP 1278.5, extra track on the north side, Intermediate Signals at MP 1280.x, a disused (?) line trailing in on the south side, a spur off to the north serving an industry, a grade crossing, Intermediate Signals at MP 1281.1/2/3/4, a road bridge overhead right at the turn, the speed limit falls to 40 mph where the line turns south, there is a detector at MP 1282.2, and as the right-of-way of the erstwhile EP&SW approaches on the south side, the line turns east,  and then south, past Intermediate Signals at MP 1283.1/2/3/4, east, southeast through sandy bluffs, east, southeast past crossovers at Lizard (MP 1285.3), just north of east, south past the former EP&SW location of Pelea, and southeast past Intermediate Signals at MP 1287.1, and Intermediate Signals and a detector at MP 1287.8.

Mexico is just a few yards to the south. There is a grade crossing from a border post 20 yards away, followed by Intermediate Signals at MP 1289.2. From Anapra (MP 1289.9) there are once again two separate tracks, one built by the SP and one by the EP&SW, and the southernmost track passes within 20 ft. or so of the Mexican border, through an area where freight trains are often robbed (there is a shanty town just across the border). The signals along here, in May 2012, are of the old SP triangular type. Both lines turn northeast, with the "South Line" turning away east-southeast, across two dirt road grade crossings, with a pipeline bridge overhead, and the "North Line" continuing east-northeast through the Rio Grande Tunnel, where it turns south-southeast until it approaches the "South Track" again, where it turns southeast.

Both lines cross the Rio Grande, into Texas, on separate steel girder bridges that also cross a divided highway and the former AT&SF El Paso line, turn south-southeast, past the ASARCO plant on the south side of the line, east of the Santa Fe line, with a wide road bridge overhead to ASARCO, and come together again at the Icehouse X-over (MP 1293.3) before separating again, less widely this time.  Globe Mills silos are between the two tracks. There are support piers for a former bridge overhead, a track from industry trails in on the west side, and the ATSF line lies just below on the west side, with a road beyond it, then the Rio Grande (about 100 yard across), and then Juarez. A connector from the ATSF trails in on the west side, followed by silos on the west side, and a grade crossing. Three Main Tracks, CTC, begin at the crossovers at Tower 196, there is a road bridge overhead, I-10 alongside to the north, and then once again the Santa Fe line below on the southwest side, followed by road, river, and Juarez, and the line turns east into El Paso (Union Depot) (MP 1295.9), where the speed limit is 20 mph, there is an on-line fuel rack adjacent to the station on the north side, and the station facilities are on the south side. The Santa Fe line runs into disused platforms on the other side of the depot.

The ex-SP line turns east-northeast, with an old signal tower just to the east of the on-line fuel racks, there is a road bridge overhead, and there are crossovers at Civic Center (MP 1296.0), and the line then runs in a cutting with concrete retaining walls and three road bridges overhead, and passes beneath the Civic Center in tunnel, emerging (with one more road bridge overhead) at the crossovers at Campbell Street (MP 1296.5), where Six Main Tracks start, with Tracks 1 to 4 to the north, a number of yard tracks on the south side of these tracks, and Tracks 5 and 6 to their south, passing through more on-line fuel racks, and the speed limit rises to 30 mph. There is an old brick freight station on the north side. Two tracks split off on the north side immediately east of the tunnel, and then run parallel to the others with some facilities and two other tracks in between.

There is a hold signal at CP S1298 (MP 1297.0), and those yard tracks spread out to become a large yard on the south side of the line, past the crossovers at Dallas Street (MP 1297.4). There is a road bridge overhead, I-10 alongside to the north, and then wye junctions on both the south and north sides of the line at Tower 47 (Cotton Avenue) (MP 1297.6), with the west leg on the south side curving away to pass between buildings and the line from the south wye going to the Mopac Yard, El Paso South Yard, and across the river to Ciudad Juarez in Mexico. From the north wye, the former El Paso & Northeastern, later SP, line to Tucumcari and the former Rock Island, now "Cotton Rock" route to Kansas City, splits off to the north (with the two parallel tracks on the north side trailing into it), with extra track on the south side.

There is no fuel-rack at this location on that line; hence the additional fuel rack adjacent to the station. There is, however another on-line fuel rack on Tracks 5 and 6, as described above, adjacent to the roundhouse on the ex-T&NO main line east, east of the crossovers at East Leg Wye (MP1297.9), as the line turns east, and west of the crossovers at Piedras Street (MP 1298.2).