Rosenberg to Houston (West Junction)

At Tower 17 (MP 36.3, el. 107 ft.) in Rosenberg, there is extra track on the south side, a former Galveston, Harrisburg, & San Antonio line from Wharton trails in from the southwest, along with a former GH&SA line from Damon, which trailed in from the south. There is also a flat crossing with the double track former Santa Fe main line between Temple and Galveston, which turns along the south side of the Sunset Route for a few miles, with a railroad museum on the south side of the former Santa Fe line, including the relocated Tower 17 building, east of the road bridge overhead.

The Sunset Route, single-track, CTC, line with speed limit 50-40, curves east-northeast, past extra track on the north side, a street alongside to the north, an old wooden depot on the north side a road bridge overhead, a grade crossing, trees between the UP and BNSF lines, a hold signal at MP 36.2, a grade crossing, a detector at MP 34.5, Intermediate Signals at MP 34.4, rail-served grain silos on the south side, and ten grade crossings.

The Santa Fe line turns away to the south before Richmond (MP 33.7), where there is a large facility, with grain silos, etc., on the south side and the ex-SP line crosses over the Brazos River on a multi-span through truss bridge and passes Intermediate Signals at MP 33.x, Intermediate Signals at MP 32.0, two grade crossings, a divided highway alongside to the south, two dirt road grade crossings, a detector at MP 30.3, where it turns east and the speed limit rises to 60 mph, a bridge over drainage, a grade crossing,  the 6,477 ft. siding on the north side (still triangular-style signals in May, 2012) at Harlem (MP 30.3-29.0), two dirt road grade crossings within the siding, a detector at MP 28.1, where the line curves east-northeast, an airport on the north side of the line, a bridge over Gateway Boulevard, just west of the 13,920 ft. siding on the north side at Sugar Land (MP 27.7-24.9), where a MoPac line once crossed at grade and the speed limit falls to 45 mph before rising to 60 mph again, with a bridge over drainage, a bridge over a stream, and a major grade crossing (to "Central Unit"), all within the siding, several spurs into industries on the north side near the east end, and a grade crossing at the east end of the siding (SR 6, with a road bridge overhead under construction in August, 2007), a grade crossing, Hines, where the line turns southeast, a grade crossing, a bridge over Oyster Creek, two grade crossings, a major grade crossing, two grade crossings, a spur curving away on the north side into Sugar Land Business Park, a major grade crossing, the US 90A (Alternate) divided highway all along the south side, a bridge over a street, the US 59 bridge overhead, a bridge over a street,, a pond on the north side, a curve to the east-northeast, a grade crossing  Intermediate Signals at MP 20.4, new signals turned sideways (in October, 2007), new track on the north side, edging away, and then curving away, wtih 'another line' curving in, Stafford (el. 87 ft.), a grade crossing at SR 1042, a grade crossing at Stafford Road, a grade crossing at Present Street, a grade crossing at Caesar, a grade crossing, the 6,236 ft. siding on the north side at Missouri City (MP 18.8-17.3), a bridge over a street at the east end of the siding, a bridge over a street, a highway bridge overhead (SR 8), a major grade crossing, a grade crossing, a divided highway grade crossing right at a detector at MP 15.6, major road construction on US 90A on the south side all along here, in July 2006, with much appearing complete east of here by August 2007, but much new work west of here, a major grade crossing (Fort Beck Parkway), a grade crossing (South Post Oak Road), highway bridges overhead, to West Junction (MP 12.9, el. 76 ft.), where the line to the Port of Houston (Harrisburg Junction) continues straight ahead, while the line to the present Amtrak station turns away to the north on the west to north leg of the wye, with several tracks on its north side.