Bald Knob to Poplar Bluff

There is a 14,741 ft. siding on the east side from Jud (MP 289.7), past the wye junctions at MP 288.5 (with speed limit of 40 mph from MP 288.6 to 288.1) and 287.9 (both at Bald Knob) with the line east to Memphis used by both UP and BNSF,  to the end of 2MT at Russell Junction (MP 286.7). The line continues northeast past a detector at MP 283.4, Russell, a 9,969 ft. siding at Bradford (MP 279.2-277.2)Glaise Junction, where a stretch of 2MT starts, additional track at Olyphant (MP 269.8), crossovers at Jiffy (MP 269.3), , a speed limit of 70-60 from MP 266.9 to 266.6, and 35 mph from MP 265.0 to 264.3, past the end of 2MT at South Bridge Junction (MP 264.6), 25 mph from MP 264.3 to 263.9, across the White River bridge (MP 264.1), rising to 50 mph at MP 263.9, past another segment of 2MT starting at North Bridge Junction (MP 263.9) past crossovers at South Newport (MP 262.6), a yard on the west side at Newport, crossovers at North Newport (MP 261.5), where the line turns north-northeast and a Rock Island line once trailed in from the south, and crossovers at Diaz Junction (MP 259.5), where the Missouri and North Arkansas departs to the west, reverting to single track, CTC, at Campbell Junction (MP 258.1), where there is a spur east to Arkansas Steel, with the speed limit rising to 75.60 at MP 258.0. 

The line continues a detector at MP 257.5, Campbell, the 8,421 ft. siding at Tuckerman (MP 251.8-250.1), a detector at MP 248.0, Swifton, the 8,456 ft. siding at Alicia (MP 240.0-238.3), where a short line once headed east, a detector at MP 232.5, and the start of 2MT at Minturn Junction (MP 228.6), whence an 8,543 ft. center siding extends to Hoxie (MP 226.8), with the speed limit falling to 50 mph at MP 227.8. At BN (MP 226.3), the ex-Frisco line from Springfield, MO, to Memphis crosses the MP line at grade, with a 25 mph speed limit on the MP line across the crossing, returning to 50 mph past Walnut Ridge (MP 224.9) to MP 224.3. The line reverts to single track, CTC, at Murta Junction (MP 223.6), with the line now heading northeast, past a detector at MP 216.3, the 8,171 ft. siding on the west side at O'Kean (MP 214.5-212.7), Case, additional track at Delaplaine (MP 207.6), Mollus, where a short line from Brookings once trailed in from the west, the 8,061 ft. siding at Peach Orchard (MP 203.9-202.2), a detector at MP 201.1, and te 9,779 ft. siding at Knobel (MP 200.0-198.0), where a line from Jonesboro once trailed in from the south-southeast.

The line turns north, and then north-northeast past a speed limit reduction to 70-55 at MP 193.3 and to 50-40 at MP 192.9, the 8,355 ft. siding at Corning (MP 192.2-190.5), with speed limit reverting to 75-60 at MP 191.6, Williams and Moark, where it turns north again into Missouri, past a speed limit of 65-60 between MP 185.1 and 184.9, a detector at MP 183.6, the 8,418 ft. siding at Neelyville (MP 181.3-179.6), where a line once left to the west, and a speed limit of 65-60 from MP 179.3 to 179.2. Two Main Tracks, CTC, begin again at Harviell Junction (MP 172.9), where the line turns northeast with a former Frisco line alongside to the northwest, and the speed limit is 70-60 until MP 172.1, detectors at MP 171.3, crossovers at Stanley (MP 170.0) and at South Poplar (MP 167.6), where a third track starts on the east side, and at Henderson (MP 165.9), and 4th Street (MP 165.6), where the speed limit falls to 30 mph. 

The line reaches Poplar Bluff (MP 165.5), where there is a passenger station, the former Frisco line once ran northeast, the main freight line heads east to join up with the SSW at Dexter for the joint line north to East St. Louis, and the passenger line heads north through Iron Mountain to St. Louis.