Dexter Junction to Capedeau Junction

From Dexter Junction (MP 191.4 on the ex-MP, 50.1 on the ex-SP), speed limit still 25 mph, where the former MP line from Poplar Bluff and former Cotton belt line from Jonesboro approach from the southwest, side-by-side, a line that once went to Birds Point (on the Mississippi River, opposite Cairo, IL) heads away east and the main line, now Two Main Tracks, CTC (and once joint UP, former MP, and Cotton Belt), continues northeast, with speed limit 60 mph on Track 1 and 30 mph on track 2, to Missouri Junction (MP 48.9), where the tracks once joined, and Paront (MP 47.1), where the 2MT become single track, CTC, speed limit 60 mph, turning east and the east-northeast past Idalia and a detector at MP 42.4, curving north past Day and northeast past the 11,405 ft. siding at Avert (MP 37.0), and then north-northeast past a spur at Lozeta (MP 35.0), where a Frisco line once crossed at grade, and a detector at MP 34.5.

The line curves northeast, past the 6,365 ft. siding at Ardeola (MP 32.2) and a spur at Bell City (MP 29.7), east-northeast and then northeast again past a spur at Heagy (MP 28.6), north past the 7,315 ft. siding at Mesler (MP 26.4), northeast and then east-northeast past Perkins, north-northeast past a detector at MP 22.9, north past the 12,384 ft. siding at Randles (MP 21.4), and north-northeast and then northeast to the 12,762 ft. siding at Delta (MP 16.1), where the speed limit is 25 mph, a branch departs to the north, a Frisco line once trailed in from the southwest and departed to the northeast, and the line turns northeast to Sharpsboro, where the route of the Frisco continues ahead as the ex-MP line turns east.

There is a detector at MP 12.9, where the speed limit is again 60 mph, a flat crossing with the former Frisco at BN Xing (MP 10.7), where the speed limit is 40 mph on the crossing, Rockview Junction (MP 10.5), with a southeast quadrant connector from the BNSF, where the speed limit is again 60 mph, the 10,280 ft. siding at Quarry (MP 9.6), where the line edges east-northeast, a detector at MP 7.4, Ancell (MP 5.2, where Two Main Tracks, CTC, begin, the Cape Girardeau and Northern once headed north, and the speed limit falls to 50 mph, Illmo (MP 3.1), where there is a yard and the speed limit drops to 40 mph, a detector at MP 123.7 on the former MP, and Capedeau Junction (MP 122.7), where the Cape Girardeau Industrial Lead trails in from the west-northwest, a Cotton Belt line to the ferry at Grays point once continued east-northeast, with a Frisco line departing jsut to its south side, and the main line turns east-southeast.