Gorham to Chester

From the crossover and junction at Chap (MP 84.8), where the Chicago subdivision heads away northeast at a wye on the east side of the line, and the main line, Two Main Tracks, CTC, speed limit 60 mph, continues northwest past the yard at Gorham (MP 84.6) at the north end of the wye, with the yard extending to CP DO84 (MP 83.8) at the north end, the crossovers at Jacob (MP 81.4), Raddle Junction (MP 78.4), start of a very short stretch of single track, CTC, Jones Ridge, Cora Junction (MP 73.0), where 2MT, CTC, begin again and there is a spur southwest to the Cora Coal Terminal on the east bank of the Mississippi River, a spur at Cora (MP 72.4), Rockwood Junction (MP 70.3), where a longer stretch of single track, CTC, begins, with the line on an embankment and a road alongside to the east, past a detector at MP 69.5, the 6,459 ft. siding and a spur at Ford (MP 65.7), as the line comes alongside the east bank of the river, and turns west-northwest to the wye junction on the east side, with the Pinckneyville subdivision, at the south end of the 7,663 ft. siding at Chester (MP 64.4 to MP 62.9, where there is also a yard.