Valley Junction/Hearne to Palestine

From the junction (formerly a simple flat crossing) with the former Houston & Texas Central (later SP) line, from Houston to Corsicana, at Hearne (MP 89.6), where the speed limit is 25 mph, the ex-MP line to Longview continues straight ahead, single track, CTC, with speed limit 25 mph, past the remaining flat crossing at UP Xing, turning north past a detector at MP 87.8, where the speed limit has risen to 60 mph, and then northeast past Elliott, the 9,530 ft. siding at Franklin (MP 77.2, where the speed limit is 40 mph, to MP 76.0, where it is 60 mph), where the line becomes Track Warrant Control, Automatic Block Signals, Englewood, New Baden, and a detector at MP 73.1, turning north, northeast, north-northeast to Easterly (MP 70.4), where it turns east, then north-northeast to Lake, east-northeast and then north-northeast again past Ridge, east-northeast, north-northeast to Dean, northeast, and then just east of due north to the 9,207 ft. siding at Marquez (MP 54.8), where the speed limit has dropped to 40 mph (as it presumably has been through many of these curves) for the rest of the way to Palestine.

The line turns north-northeast past a detector at MP 51.3, northeast, east-northeast and bridging over the BNSF Houston to Corsicana line, to the junction with northeast and southeast connectors trailing in from the BNSF line at Koch (MP 45.7), northeast past a spur at Nucor (MP 45.5) and a former crossing with an erstwhile Houston & Texas Central line, with a onetime north quadrant connector trailing in at the 4,237 ft. siding at Jewett (MP 43.8), curvily north-northeast to Buffalo (MP 34.7), curvily east-northeast to Keechi, north-northeast past a detector at MP 26.7 to Peeler, curvily east, with a sharp turn south and a counter-clockwise horseshoe back to the northeast past the 7,692 ft. siding at Oakwood (MP 18.0), a bridge over the Trinity River to Long Lake, a detector at MP 9.2, and Tucker (MP 8.5), where there was once a branch north to Salt City, and a jog east and then back northeast again to the junction with the UP Palestine sub. from Houston, running here on the former route of the Texas State Railroad, at West Junction (MP 1.1/82.7), where the speed limit is 30 mph and CTC resumes, dropping to 20 mph as the line turns just east of due north and then turns just north of due east into Palestine (MP 81.4), where there is a yard and the former location of a wye on the south side with the line from Houston, which has been diverted away from this short segment. The wye at Palestine would have been MP 0.0 on the Hearne line before the diversion.