Hope to Gurdon

At Hope (MP 458.1), there is a bridge over a road, and the 10,499 ft. siding on the north side of the line from MP 458.1, past the KRR flat crossing at MP 457.9 and the wye with a UP branch to the north (reaching the KCS at Nashville), to the north end of the siding at MP 456.0, where the speed limit is again 75-60. The line turns northeast, past a detector at MP 452.9, the 6,443 ft. siding on the northwest side at Emmet (MP 450.7-448.9), Bolivar, the 9,090 ft. siding on the southeast side at Prescott (MP 444.2-442.4), where there is additional track at MP 442.5 and the speed limit drops to 50 mph as far as MP 441.7, and a shortline from Potlash Forest products trails in from the northwest, the 8,273 ft. siding at Broughton (MP 438.2-436.5), a speed limit of 65-60 from MP 435.9 to 434.8, where the line turns east-northeast, a detector at MP 431.9, additional track at Beirne (MP 430.1), Beirne Junction (MP 429.30), where a line from Wrye once trailed in from the south and a stretch of 2MT begins, and a turn back to the northeast to Gurdon (MP 426.5), where the line from Camden on the erstwhile Cotton Belt trails in from the south,  there is a yard from MP 425.9 to MP 426.9, where the speed limit is 40 mph, and the Caddo Antoine and Little Missouri Railroad heads away  north and then west to Antoine and (almost) Caddo.