Little Rock to North Little Rock

The Little Rock Amtrak Station is on its own track on the east side between MP 345.9 and 345.6 with crossovers at both ends, during which the former Rock Island line from the west, along the south bank of the Arkansas River, trails in from the northwest, onto the main tracks across from the station. There was once a connector in the west quadrant and a loop in the north quadrant that crosses the main line at grade and entered the passenger station from the northeast. There is a road bridge overhead, and the line crosses the Arkansas River on a through truss bridge, to Arkansas River (MP 345.4), where the Cotton Belt line once headed east along the north bank of the river, and Hill (MP 345.1), where the Mississippi & Little Rock once headed east, past a bridge over a divided street and a bridge over a street, turning east where the Jenks Diesel Shop is on the northwest side of the line past the wye on the north side of the line at Van Buren Junction (MP 344.3) with the ex-MP line on the north bank of the river west to Van Buren and Fort Smith, past a road bridge overhead within the east leg of the wye, and the beginning of the yards on the north side of the line at Locust Street (MP 343.9), where there are crossovers and a wye on the south side with a remnant of a line that once crossed the river at Junction Bridge. The speed limit rises to 40 mph at MP 343.8.

There is a large yard on the north side of the line in North Little Rock (MP 343.6), with an engine terminal at its west end, a wide road bridge overhead, a road bridge overhead, eight or nine yard tracks near the west end, a modern connection east-southeast to the erstwhile Cotton Belt line heads away about a third of the way along the yard, signals and crossovers at Crest (MP 341.9), where the RIP shop is in the yard on the north side, a bridge over a stream, a track heading away into the yard, an on-line fuel rack, the hump yard on the north side, a spur into the Koppers Company Tie Plant on the southeast side as the line turns northeast, a grade crossing, the entry-exit track trails in from the yard on the west side at One Lead (MP 340.5), dual road bridges overhead, there are two depressed tracks and one more beyond them, a road comes alongside on the north side, the yard reduces to one yard lead on the north side, and the end of the yard is reached at the crossovers at North End Yard (MP 339.3).