Longview to Marshall

The former International Great Northern (the current UP line from Austin and San Antonio) joins with the former T&P from Dallas at Longview Junction (MP 89.8), where 2MT, CTC, start, and the line continues east past a bridge over a street and the passenger station at Longview (MP 89.6), where the depot is on the south side, with erstwhile east end bay platforms on the south side, east of the depot, and there are yard tracks on the north side, and crossovers, with speed limit 60 mph.

There are yard tracks on the south side, east of the depot, and a BNSF line to Silsbee and Beaumont heads southeast from BNSF Junction (MP 89.0), where a line south from Ero once crossed on the flat to join the BNSF line, and the main line continues east past a connector trailing in on the south side, yard tracks used by covered hoppers on the north side, a bridge over a divided road, Intermediate Signals at Red (MP 87.8), a grade crossing, a grade crossing at Mason Springs Baptist Church, Pumps (MP 87.0), a grade crossing at Trinity Industries, a manufacturer of tank cars, spurs on the south side, used by new tank cars, at Trinity (MP 84.6), where the speed limit rises to 65 mph, three grade crossings, and detectors at MP 84.0.

The 2MT reduce to single track, CTC, at Lansing Junction (MP 81.5), where the speed limit is 60 mph, and the line passes Hallsville, a detector at MP 80.0, two dirt track grade crossings, a grade crossing, Intermediate Signals, a dirt road grade crossing, Pirkey (MP 76.1), where a spur to the south leaves for the eponymous town, the speed limit has risen to 75-70 and the 7,406 ft. south side Koekuk siding starts, past a dirt road grade crossing just within the siding, ending at MP 74.5, a detector at MP 72.7, and a bridge over a stream, and the line turns northeast past extra track on the north side and a mill on the south side at Quincy (MP 70.0), a grade crossing, a highway bridge overhead, and a road bridge overhead on the turn east, a chemical facility on the south side, with a spur trailing in, a grade crossing,  a hold signal at MP 67.2, where the speed limit falls to 30 mph, a street alongside to the south, the 8,060 ft. siding at Marshall (MP 66.7-65.5), with a bridge over a road, a bridge over a street and the station (MP 66.5, platform on each track and brick depot in between) in the angle of the eastward Shreveport and northward Texarkana lines, with stuffed-and-mounted steam locomotive 400 and a caboose on the north side of the Shreveport line, east of the depot.