Poplar Bluff to Dexter Junction

From Poplar Bluff (MP 165.5), where there is a passenger station, the former Frisco line once ran northeast, the passenger line heads north through Iron Mountain to St. Louis, and the main freight line heads east to join up with the SSW at Dexter for the joint line north to East St. Louis, with the junction at MP 165.7. The single track, CTC line is normally freight only, so speed limits are for freight trains only, and here the speed limit is 30 mph through the junction.

The line heads just north of due east, past a spur at Boeving (MP 170.0), where the speed limit is 60 mph (as, indeed, it has been since clearing the junction in Poplar Bluff), the 9,878 ft. siding at Junland (MP 171.1 to MP 173.1), a detector at MP 173.4, Lowell Junction, where a Frisco line once headed south, Ash Hill, Fisk, the 9,275 ft. siding at Ives (MP 177.5 to MP 179.4), and a spur at Bess (MP 179.7), where it turns almost due east past a detector at MP 182.5, a spur at Dudley (MP 182.8), where a Frisco line once crossed at grade, a detector at MP 186.5, and the 6,474 ft. siding at Dexter (MP 188.6, where the speed limit is still 60 mph, to MP 189.9, where it is 25 mph), turning northeast at Charleston Junction (MP 190.3), with the former Cotton Belt line coming alongside to the east, to Dexter Junction (MP 191.4), speed limit still 25 mph, where a line that once went to Birds Point (on the Mississippi River, opposite Cairo, IL) heads away east and the main line, now Two Main Tracks, CTC (and once joint UP, former MP, and Cotton Belt), continues northeast, with speed limit 60 mph on Track 1 and 30 mph on track 2.