Taylor to Valley Junction/Hearne

There are yard tracks (a one-time classification yard and crew change point on MP) between the continuing ex-MP line heading east and the northwest quadrant connector to the ex-MKT line (on which MP had trackage rights for many years between Taylor and Waco) on the north side, a road bridge overhead with a grade crossing just to its east, the depot at Taylor (MP 144.4.) on the north side of the northwest quadrant connector, before it turns north, the connector turns sharply north, and the flat crossing with a former MKT line at UP Crossing (MP 144.3), where the speed limit is 15 mph, with another connector in the southwest quadrant.

The ex-MP line continues just north of due east, single track, CTC, with speed limit 60 mph, past a curve east-northeast and back again, a detector at MP 140.3, the 8,576 ft. siding at Thrall (MP 139.0 - MP 137.3), Thorndale (MP 132.2), a curve east past Nile, a curve just north of dues east, just south of due east, east-northeast past the 8,254 ft. siding at Marjorie (MP 124.4 - MP 122.6), where the Rockdale, Sandow & Southern line from the Alcoa Plant at Sandow trails in on the south side, a turn east, a turn east-northeast past a detector at MP 119.7, Rockdale (MP 119.1), where there was once a flat crossing with the erstwhile San Antonio & Aransas Pass (later SP) line between Giddings and Waco, a jog east and then back again, the 7,759 ft. siding at Milano (MP 111.5 - MP 110.0), and the flat crossing with the former Santa Fe Galveston to Fort Worth line at BNSF Xing (MP 109.8), with speed limit 40 mph on the crossing.

There is a detector at MP 103.0, where the speed limit is back to 60 mph, a turn slightly more to the northeast, the 8,151 ft. siding at Gause (MP 100.7 - MP 99.0), a bridge over the Brazos River, the junction with the west quadrant and south quadrant connectors to the connectors to the former MP Houston to Dallas line at Valley Junction (MP 93.6), the flat crossing over the aforesaid former MP line at UP Xing (MP 93.4), with speed limit 40 mph on the crossing, a turn northeast at Carley, and the junction (formerly a simple flat crossing) with the former Houston & Texas Central (later SP) line, from Houston to Corsicana, at Hearne (MP 89.6), where the speed limit is 25 mph and the ex-MP line to Longview continues straight ahead.