DFW Junction to Ennis Junction (Dallas)

DFW Junction is a flat crossing with connectors in all but the southeastern quadrant, where the Texas & Pacific line from the west once continued east to MP Junction, crossing the former MKT line (and the line now used by the Trinity Railway Express) from the north on the flat, with today's main line using the southwest quadrant from TRE Junction (MP 217.4), past a bridge over a divided street on the connector/quadrant, to JFK Junction (CPT T217, MP 217.3), where the ex-MKT/TRE line trails in from the north with the DART line alongside to the east. The line passes a bridge over a street, Dealey Plaza and the Texas Schoolbook Depository, where JFK was assassinated in 1963, both on the east side of the line just north of Dallas Union Station (MP 217.0, CPT T216), where the speed limit is 40 mph, there are two island platforms with umbrella sheds on the passenger lines, Two Main Tracks, CTC, on the west side of the station, the DART light rail system has tracks and platforms on the east side, and the concrete depot is on the east side of the DART tracks.

The line continues past a bridge over a street, crossovers at Reunion (CPT T215, MP 216.6), with the massive Reunion Tower and Arena on the west side of the line (demolished in October, 2009), a concrete road bridge overhead, and a new concrete road bridge overhead, turning east-southeast as the Convention Center extends overhead and the platform track trails into the east main, and then southeast past a bridge over a street, CJ Yard, a bridge over a street, the yard tracks end, South Junction (Tower 19), where the erstwhile flat crossing and connectors has been replaced by DART tracks heading southwest passing over the main line on a concrete bridge, a grade crossing, crossovers at Forest Avenue (CPT T214, MP 215.0), where a former MKT line turns away south, a road bridge overhead, a grade crossing, a freight conveyor bridge overhead, two grade crossings, dual road bridges overhead, a river alongside to the south, and crossovers at Miller X-over (CPT T213, MP 213.3), where the speed limit falls to 30 mph, just before the wye at Ennis Junction, (MP 212.9), with  the northwest apex at Belt Junction, where one UP line heads south-southeast, and the main line, now single track, CTC, turns northeast past a grade crossing and a road bridge overhead to SP Junction, where the third leg of the wye trails in from the south.