Marshall to Shreveport

From the 8,060 ft. siding at Marshall (MP 351.4), with a bridge over a road, a bridge over a street and the station (MP 351.0, platform on each track and brick depot in between) in the angle of the eastward Shreveport and northward Texarkana lines, with stuffed-and-mounted steam locomotive 400 and a caboose on the north side of the Shreveport line, east of the depot, the Shreveport line heads east, single track, Yard Limits, Automatic Block Signals, speed limit 30 mph, past the 7,549 ft. siding at Louisiana (MP 349.5), where the speed limit rises to 50 mph, Yard Limits end, and Track Warrant Control starts, and then curvily just south of due east, past the 4,058 ft. siding at Scottsville (MP 343.1), a detector at MP 337.0, Jonesville, Waskom (MP 332.5), where an erstwhile M-K-T line once crossed on the flat, the border between Texas and Louisiana, Greenwood (MP 326.4), a former flat crossing with that same erstwhile M-K-T line, and the 13,337 ft. siding at Reisor, where the speed limit is 25 mph and Yard Limits, ABS, start, a line once trailed in from the south.

The line turns north-northeast to the west apex of the wye at Hollywood Junction (MP 315.6/0.0), where the speed limit is 30 mph, the south leg of the wye heads southeast, past Cutoff Junction (MP 315.0), towards Alexandria, and the west leg of the wye continues north-northeast, speed limit 10 mph on the wye and 20 mph thereafter, past the east leg of the wye trailing in at the south end of  Hollywood Yard (MP 1.5), on the east side of the line, a spur from a tank farm at Jewells trailing in on the west side, the former Houston & Shreveport trailing in on the east side of the line, a bridge over the Kansas City Southern where the erstwhile line to the Texas & Pacific station in Shreveport once turned north, and the wye on the east side of the line at North Wye Switch, where the KCS trails in from the south, with a south 'quadrant' connector.