Sierra Blanca to Sweetwater/Tecific

From Sierra Blanca (MP 768.7, el. 4,519 ft.), where the Sunset Route turns southeast, as the diverging route and the ex-T&P line to Fort Worth continues straight ahead as the main line, the latter heads east-southeast, single track, Track Warrant Control, Automatic Block Signals, with speed limit 60 mph, past a detector at MP 765.4, Arispe (MP 763.6), the 8,994 ft. siding at Eagle Flat (MP 755.5-MP 753.9), and Allamore (MP 748.5), turning south-southeast at Crusher (MP 744.2), then east, southeast, east, and south-southeast again, past a detector at MP 737.8, and just north of due east past the 3,606 ft. siding at Van Horn (MP 735.0), Westex (MP 729.0), the 8,700 ft. siding at Wild Horse (MP 727.5-MP 725.7), a detector at MP 724.4, and Plateau, turning northeast, east-southeast and then east past the 8,742 ft. siding at Boracho (MP 708.8) and a detector at MP 706.3, where it turns southeast, and then just north of due east, east-southeast, and east-northeast.

The line turns just south of due east, past Kent (MP 698.8), east-northeast and then north-northeast past the 9,204 ft. siding at Levinson (MP 691.6-MP 689.7), just north of due east where the branch from Rock House once trailed in from the west, past San Martine (MP 685.9) and a detector at MP 680.0, northeast past the 9,505 ft. siding at Gozar (MP 678.2-MP 676.4) and the 11,865 ft. siding at Toyah (MP 666.1), and east-northeast past a detector at MP 661.0, Hermosa, the 9,263 ft. siding at Pecos Siding (MP 653.4-MP 651.6), the wye on the south side forming the junction with the Pecos Valley Southern, to Saragosa, at Pecos (MP 646.6), and the former wye on the north side with the erstwhile Santa Fe line along the Pecos River valley to Carlsbad and Clovis, NM, just east of the latter.

There is a bridge over the Pecos River, a detector at MP 644.5, Barstow (MP 640.0), Quito, a detector at MP 630.1, the 9,205 ft. siding at Pyote (MP 625.8-MP 623.9), Wickett (MP 615.6), Aroya, a detector at MP 613.6, the wye with a spur on the north side at Texas Electric (MP 613.6), the 7,505 ft. siding and wye junction on the north side with the Texas-New Mexico (to Hobbs and Lovington, NM) at Monahans (MP 609.4), where the speed limit drops to 40 mph, a turn to the northeast at Sand Hills, a detector at MP 598.4, the 8,000 ft. siding at Metz (MP 593.7), where the speed limit is back to 60 mph, Judkins, Badger, a jog southeast and then back to the northeast again, Douro (MP 584.1), Sid Richardson, a detector at MP 582.0, the 7,864 ft. siding at Arcade (MP 578.9), and the yard at Odessa (MP 578.3), where the speed limit is 25 mph.

The speed limit is back to 60 mph at Solo (MP 568.7), as the line continues northeast, gradually, over tens of miles, edging more to the east-northeast, past the 8,410 ft. siding at Pegasus (MP 563.8), Warfield (MP 562.7), a detector at MP 560.7, Bounce (MP 559.0), additional tracks at Industrial Foundation (MP 557.6), Midland (MP 555.6), the 7,986 ft. siding at Chub (MP 549.2), a detector at MP 544.0, Germania, Tex-Harvey (MP 540.8), Dix (MP 538.7), the 7,515 ft. siding at Stanton (MP 533.3), a detector at MP 526.6, and the 7,555 ft. siding at Morita (MP 523.9), turning northeast again, and then curving just south of due east and turning east-northeast past the yard at Big Spring (MP 513.4), where the speed limit is 30 mph, Ziler (MP 508.5), where the speed limit is back to 60 mph, a detector at MP 506.8, Sand Springs, Reef Field (MP 504.0), and the 7,405 ft. siding at Coahoma (MP 503.7).

The line turns just south of due east, just north of east-northeast, just north of east past the 6,630 ft. siding at Iatan (MP 491.1), east-northeast past Westbrook and a detector at MP 485.4, northeast and then east-southeast past the 8,257 ft. siding at Dome (MP 478.1), where a spur once headed south to a power plant on an artificial lake on a tributary of the Colorado River, east-northeast bridging over the Colorado River, due east past Colorado City (MP 475.0), a detector at MP 473.2, and Rodet, where it turns east-northeast past the 7,457 ft. siding at Loraine (MP 466.4), jogging northeast and then turning between east and east-northeast past the 7,577 ft. siding at Roscoe (MP 456.4), where the Roscoe, Snyder & Pacific once trailed in from the northwest and a spur remains, and a detector at MP 453.0, turning east, northeast, and east-northeast, bridging over the the Texas & Oklahoma Railroad (a short segment of the former Kansas City, Mexico & Orient of Texas), past  Sweetwater Depot (MP 447.8), where the speed limit has dropped to 30 mph, and the 11,569 ft. siding at Sweetwater (MP 446.0), to the bridge over the former Santa Fe Clovis to Brownwood line, and the turn east-northeast to Tecific (MP 441.0), where there is a connector used by BNSF trains heading between Clovis, NM, and Fort Worth on UP trackage rights.