Sweetwater to Fort Worth

From Sweetwater Depot (MP 447.8), where the speed limit has dropped to 30 mph, the 11,569 ft. siding at Sweetwater (MP 446.0), the bridge over the former Santa Fe Clovis to Brownwood line, and the turn east-northeast to Tecific (MP 441.0), where there is a connector used by BNSF trains heading between Clovis, NM, and Fort Worth on UP trackage rights, the former Texas & Pacific line heads northeast, single track, Track Warrant Control Automatic Block Signals, speed limit 60 mph, as the former Santa Fe line turns away, with the former T&P turning east-southeast, curving gradually more towards the east, past Eskota (MP 437.0), a detector at MP 434.9, Trent (MP 429.7), the 7,700 ft. siding at Merkel (MP 423.9), a detector at MP 416.0, and additional track, including a spur trailing in from the south, at Carswell AFB Industrial Lead (MP 413.0).

There is a 6,000 ft. siding at Bagdad (MP 409.9), as the line heads just south of due east, past additional track at Bagdad Team (MP 409.1), the yard at Abilene (MP 406.6), junction with the Southern Switching Company, which operates a short segment of the former Abilene & Southern, extending north and south, passing beneath a bridge on the former T&P main, and connected by means of southwest and southeast quadrant connectors, additional track (which may be the same connectors) at the A&S Industrial Lead (MP 406.6), the 8,768 ft. siding at Holder (MP 404.5), a turn east-southeast, past Elmdale, a turn east-northeast, past a detector at MP 396.6, a turn just south of due east past the 7,457 ft. siding at Clyde (MP 393.6-MP 392.1), where TWC, ABS, is replaced by CTC (in 2002), a turn just north of due east, a jog southeast and then just south of due east past Baird (MP 386.0), where the speed limit is 40 mph through that area, a curve just north of due east and back again, the 6,762 ft. siding at Jayell (MP 382.5-MP 381.1), where the speed limit is back to 60 mph, and a detector at MP 377.0.

The line turns east-northeast past Putnam (MP 373.0), and then curvily just north of due east past the 6,773 ft. siding at Dothan (MP 368.4-MP 367.2) and Delmar, east-northeast past a detector at MP 364.0, east past the 9,748 ft. siding at Cisco (MP 362.4-MP 360.4), where the speed limit has dropped to 50 mph, an M-K-T line once crossed on the flat from northwest to southeast, and a Cisco & Northeastern line once headed northeast, northeast, and then east again past Lem, the 6,869 ft. siding at Eastland (MP 352.2-MP 350.8), where the Eastland, Wichita Falls & Gulf once crossed on the flat, east-northeast past olden and a detector at MP 347.3, north-northeast, east, and then northeast past CP T342 (MP 342.2), where the speed limit has dropped to 45 mph, Ranger (MP 340.8), where the Wichita Falls & Southern once crossed on the flat at an acute angle, and the 6,621 ft. siding at Tiffin (MP 339.4-MP 338.0), and then east-southeast, curvily east, and northeast again.

There is a detector at MP 329.9, where the speed limit is 35 mph, followed by a turn east past the 6,864 ft. siding at Strawn (MP 327.5-MP 326.1), where the speed limit has risen to 50 mph, a spur southeast at Johnson Mines (MP 324.6), a jog southeast and then back just south of due east, Mingus, a turn northeast and then east again, Gordon (MP 318.0), a detector at MP 317.1 as the line starts a curvy section, the 6,898 ft. siding at Judd (MP 314.3-MP 312.8), a turn northeast, north-northeast and then northeast again, Santo (MP 307.0, the 6,853 ft. siding at Brazos (MP 301.9-MP 300.4), a turn east-northeast to bridge across the Brazos River and pass a detector at MP 299.5, a turn north-northeast past Gilbert and a curve around a bend in the Brazos River on the southeast side, heading northeast past Bennett (MP 294.0), where the speed limit has risen to 60 mph, Millsap, and the 6.696 ft. siding at Preble (MP 287.8-MP 286.4).

The line turns just south of due east, past Lambert and a detector at MP 283.0, where the speed limit has fallen to 50 mph again, east-northeast, east-southeast, southeast, and east-southeast past the 8,334 ft. siding at Weatherford (MP 278.2-MP 276.5), where an erstwhile Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe line that had been running just to the north once crossed on the flat at an acute angle, the 7,950 ft. siding at Earls (MP 274.0-MP 272.4), where the speed limit is again 60 mph, and Anneta, turning southeast, east past a detector at MP 264.0, where the speed limit has fallen to 50 mph again, and Aledo (MP 263.0), south-southeast and then sharply east-northeast past the 7,731 ft. siding at Iona (MP 261.2-MP 259.6), within which it turns curvily east, and then east-northeast into greater Fort Worth, past Benbrook (MP 254.5), where the speed limit is once again 60 mph, Bomber (MP 252.8), where a branch serving a General Dynamics plant trails in from the north,  and West Fort Worth (MP 251.8).

The west end of the large Centennial Yard starts on the south side at Bryant Irvin (MP 251.6), where the speed limit drops to 30 mph, past the yard at Fort Worth (MP 250.0) and the yard at Centennial Yard (MP 249.7), where an erstwhile Frisco line to the Stockyards once headed away north, to the east end of the yard at University Avenue (MP 248.0), where the line expands to two tracks, with Track 1 CTC, and Track 2 Yard Limits, past crossovers at River (MP 247.4), a bridge over the Fort Worth & Western Railroad, and a connector from that line trailing in on the south side, before turning east past the former Texas & Pacific station, now used by Trinity Railroad Express, alongside to the north (platforms with umbrella sheds, and large concrete headhouse north of them), with the TRE line then running alongside to the north, crossovers at Main Street (MP 245.8), where the line expands to Four Main Tracks, CTC, and the junction at West Tower 55 (MP 246.0), where the TRE line curves away north, Two Main Tracks continue straight ahead, one becomes the southwest quadrant connector, and one becomes the northwest quadrant connector (running roughly parallel to the TRE line), at the Tower 55 flat crossing of the former T&P double track line with several north-south tracks, where there are Interstate connecting ramps overhead for the junction between I-30 and I-35W, and the erstwhile Tower 55 still stands in the southeast corner of the flat crossing.