Choctaw/FWWR Crossing to Tower 55

From the flat crossing (25 mph on the crossing) with northwest quadrant connector (used by UP coal trains in one direction) with the Fort Worth & Western Railway line into Fort Worth, at FWWR Crossing (MP 748.1), the ex-M-K-T line continues southwest, single track, CTC, with speed limit 40 mph, past additional track at Hodge Spur (MP 749.3), an erstwhile connector south from the FWWR, the 9,698 ft. west side siding at Hodge (MP 749.5 - MP 751.4), where an extant connector (used by those directional coal trains) comes south from the FWWR at its Hodge, curving around to the south-southwest, where a connector to Tower 60 once headed northwest, and then south, past the 7,612 ft. west side siding at North Yard (MP 752.8 - MP 754.3), as the line bridges over the former Rock Island Peach Yard and then over the Trinity Rail Express line from Dallas, to the yard at North Tower 55 (MP 754.4), where there are connectors in the northeast and southeast quadrants and the line makes flat crossing with the two east-west former Texas & Pacific tracks at Tower 55, with the former Santa Fe tracks alongside to the west.