Gibbon Junction to Topeka

From the crossovers and junction at Gibbon Junction (MP 287.8), where the speed limit is 60 mph, the 2MT, CTC Marysville line curves away on the south side of the main line, heading southeast, past South Gibbon, where it turns south, detectors at MP 283.3, a bridge over the Platte River, a turn east-southeast, Denman (MP 280.9), where the speed limit has risen to 70 mph, a Hold Signal at MP 276.6, crossovers at Hayland (MP 272.4), detectors at MP 272.1, the former angled crossing with an erstwhile MoPac branch to Prosser, a Hold Signal at MP 268.0, Newmarch, Oxbow (MP 264.7), where the speed limit has fallen to 65 mph, a mileage equation MP 262.0=MP 263.0, the junction with the line south from Grand Island trailing in from the north at Hastings (MP 262.6), where the line once turned south to cross the BNSF (former CB&Q) main line from Denver on the flat, but now turns east to detectors at MP 260.2, and then south, bridging over that BNSF line, past crossovers at Kics Rd. (MP 258.3), where the speed limit has returned to 70 mph.

The line turns southeast where the erstwhile original route trails in from the northwest, past the west leg of a wye on the north side with a spur into the Hastings Industrial District to the north at West Level (MP 257.3) on Track 2, the east leg of the wye at East Level (MP 254.5) on Track 1, crossovers at Micken (MP 252.2), a second spur from the Hastings Industrial District trailing in from the north at Glenvil (MP 251.5), Anan, crossovers at Buffalo Creek (MP 244.5), detectors at MP 244.2, Alma Junction, where an erstwhile CB&Q line once trailed in from the west, Fairfield (MP 242.2), where that same erstwhile CB&Q line once left to the north, crossovers at Edgar (MP 235.9), where another erstwhile CB&Q line once crossed, Sedan (MP 229.6), detectors at MP 228.4, crossovers at Nuckolls (MP 227.2), and a spur at Davenport (MP 224.6), where an erstwhile Chicago & Northwestern line once crossed.

The line turns curvily east, past a Hold Signal at MP 221.1 and crossovers at Carleton (MP 217.5), where there is a 9,842 ft. north side siding, east-southeast past the end of the siding at East Carleton (MP 215.6) on Track 1, detectors at MP 213.6, and crossovers at Belvidere (MP 209.5), where another erstwhile CB&Q line once crossed, turning east-northeast past a Hold Signal at MP 206.8, curvily just south of due east past crossovers at Alexandria (MP 202.3), detectors at MP 199.1, and Powells, south-southeast at crossovers at Hedrix (MP 192.9), where another erstwhile CB&Q line once trailed in from the north, a Westbound Hold Signal at MP 189.0, where an erstwhile Rock Island line once crossed, detectors at MP 187.2, the junction with the former Rock Island line that is now a long spur to the Nebraska Public Power Sheldon Station, at Fairbury (MP 186.1) on Track 1 (on the northeast side), where that Rock Island line once crossed and headed southwest, and the second part of that connection at Arcade (MP 185.7) on Track 1.

There are crossovers at Brawner (MP 183.0), crossovers and flat crossing with the BNSF (former CB&Q) line from Oxford, in western Nebraska, at Endicott (MP 180.4), where the line turns east-southeast, Rudy, where it turns south-southeast again, detectors at MP 175.4, the border between Nebraska and Kansas, crossovers at Steele City (MP 173.1), a spur at Hollenberg (MP 170.3), a Hold Signal at MP 168.8, Spence, where it turns curvily east-southeast, crossovers at Gerry (MP 165.9), a spur at Hanover (MP 164.5), where yet another erstwhile CB&Q line once crossed, detectors at MP 160.5, a spur at Bremen (MP 158.2), crossovers at Orrick (MP 155.5), and a spur at Herkimer (MP 153.5), turning south past crossovers at West Marysville (MP 150.3), where there a 20 mph speed restriction starts, the junction with the line south from Lincoln and yard at Center Marysville (MP 149.4, and crossovers at East Marysville (MP 147.9), where there is a wye on the west side with a spur south to Bestwell.

The line turns southeast and then east, past Carden, crossovers at Upland (MP 143.2), and crossovers and junction with a branch east to Hiawatha, at Upland Junction (MP 142.6), where the speed limit is back to 70 mph, east-southeast and then south-southeast past Winfred (MP 136.4), where the track reduces from 2MT to single track, a detector at MP 134.7, the 9,488 ft. siding and junction with a spur east to Vliets and the rest of that former MoPac line, now operated by Kyle, heading to Stockton on the west side, at Frankfort (MP 133.1, where the speed limit is 70 mph, to MP 131.1, where it is 45 mph), the 12,837 ft. siding at Sullivan (MP 128.1 - MP 125.5), where the speed limit is back to 70 mph, a detector at MP 122.0, where it turns just east of due south, Lillis (MP 121.8), the 10.939 ft. siding at Evans (MP 119.4 - MP 117.2), Nolan, a turn southeast, the 12,569 ft. siding at Duluth (MP 113.9 - MP 111.4), a turn east and then curvily just east of due south, Onaga, where an erstwhile UP east-west line once crossed, a detector at MP 108.0, and Aikins (MP 105.0), where it turns south-southeast.

A 24,182 ft. siding starts at West Aikins (MP 104.4), past the junction with the nine-mile Jeffrey Spur to the unloading loop for Western Resources Inc.'s Jeffrey Energy Center, at Jeffrey (MP 102.2), the end of the long siding at East Aikins (MP 99.7), Emmett (MP 95.2), the 9,472 ft. siding at Cook (MP 92.9 - MP 91.0), a detector at Delia (MP 88.2), the 12,734 ft. siding at Kenefick (MP 85.5 - MP 82.9), an Eastward Hold Signal at Grove (MP 80.7), where there is a 60 mph speed restriction, a detector at MP 76.3, Soldier Creek (MP 76.0), where the speed limit is back to 70 mph and Two Main Tracks resume, the junction with a connector south to the former Kansas Pacific at Menoken Junction (MP 74.0), and crossovers and junction where the former Kansas Pacific trails in on the south side at Menoken (MP 72.9), where the line turns just south of due east, crossovers at West Topeka (MP 70.3), where the speed limit is 40 mph, and crossovers at Topeka-SJ Junction (MP 68.2), where the single track former Rock Island line trails into the south side of the main line. (and once continued north as the Rock Island line to St. Joseph), there is a yard, and the speed limit is 30 mph.