Kansas City (Sheffield) to Paola (former MoPac)

From the crossovers at Manchester (MP B278.9), near the east end of Neff Yard and junction with the line to Rock Creek Junction, the former MoPac  line to Sheffield and  Leeds Junction departs (2MT) on the north side of the line to Rock Creek Junction, and turns south, with the connector from Southwest Junction (see below) trailing in on the east side at Malone (MP B279.8), and passing under the Rock Creek Junction line at the Sheep Jump. From Southwest Junction (MP A278.2), where the 2MT reduce to two single track lines, one heading east to Rock Creek Junction, and one turning south, trailing into the line to Leeds Junction at Malone (see above), and passing under the Sheep Jump, with the combined line now 2MT, CTC, speed limit 20 mph, heading south past a connector to the Kansas City Southern, running parallel to the east, departing on the east side, the junction at Big Blue (MP B280.1), where connectors depart in the northwest and northeast quadrants of the flat crossing with the KCT Main Line at Sheffield (MP B280.4), and a former Frisco and Rock Island line turns south from that line on the west side of the former MoPac line, with all three lines (the KCS is separated a bit) passing beneath the flyover carrying the former Santa Fe Transcon overhead.

The speed limit on the former MoPac line rises to 25 mph as it continues south, past crossovers at 12th Street (MP B281.4), Centropolis (MP B281.5), a turn south-southwest, a location where the erstwhile Rock Island line, climbing up on the west side, once bridged overhead, crossovers at 35th Street (MP B283.9), where the speed limit has risen to 40 mph and Leeds Junction (MP B284.7), where the 2MT reduce to single track, CTC, with the former Frisco still alongside to the west, and a connector trailing in from that line into the west side of the former MoPac. The line turns southwest, past a spur on the east side for Koch Industries (MP 286.0), and a spur on the west side for Vance Brothers, Missey (MP 286.7), turning just west of due south, with the rump of the former Frisco ending at its BV Junction and its erstwhile right-of-way continuing, just east of due south, south-southwest, south, southwest, south-southwest past the 13,857 ft. siding at Dodson (MP 289.6, where the speed limit is 40 mph, to MP 292.4, where it is 55 mph), where the r-o-w of the erstwhile Frisco line crosses the UP main, a location where a Kansas City Public Service spur once left on the west side.

The line turns just west of due south, past additional track at Barry-Gann Lumber (MP 293.8), Red Bridge, a detector at MP 295.0, and Martin City, curvily south-southwest past the border between Missouri and Kansas, additional track at International Paper Company (MP 297.7), the 15,477 ft. siding at Kenneth (MP 298.0, where the speed limit is 55 mph, to MP 301.1, where it is 60 mph, where an erstwhile Frisco line once crossed, and Redell, just west of due south past Stillwell, southwest, west, and south-southwest past a detector at MP 309.0, the 7,432 ft. siding at Bucyrus (MP 310.5 - MP 312.0), and Chiles, and curvily southwest past the 7,445 ft. siding at Wagstaff (MP 316.6 - MP 318.2), Lento, a detector at MP 323.2, the flat crossing with the southeast quadrant connector with the BNSF (former Frisco) Fort Scott sub. at BNSF Xing (MP 326.8), where the speed limit has dropped to 40 mph for the crossing and junctions, the junction with the northwest quadrant connector from the BNSF (and its former M-K-T trackage rights) at Paola (MP 326.9), the bridge over Bull Creek, and the split between the former M-K-T Parsons sub., on the east side, and the continuing Coffeyville sub., on the west side, just south of the bridge.