UP Central and Southern Coal Routes

Powder River Basin Joint Line

Bridger Junction to Donkey Creek Junction/Gillette

UP Coal Routes

Shawnee Junction to Horse Creek/Kiowa/South Morrill

Horse Creek/South Morrill to O'Fallons

O'Fallons to Gibbon Junction

Coal trains for Chicago and beyond via the original UP and the former Chicago & Northwestern continue east on the Overland Route. Those headed for Nebraska Public Power, the Jeffrey Energy Center, and points beyond Kansas City take the Marysville line:

Gibbon Junction to Topeka

Topeka to Kansas City (West Yard)

West Yard, past Terminal Junction to Sheffield and Rock Creek Junction

Coal trains headed for St. Louis and points east thereof take the line east across Missouri:

Rock Creek Junction to Jefferson City (River Line)

Jefferson City to Iron Mountain Junction

Iron Mountain Junction to Grand Avenue (St. Louis)

Grand Avenue to Gratiot (St. Louis)

Gratiot to Q Tower

Coal trains headed south from Kansas City can take either the former MoPac line or the former M-K-T line, which intersect at Paola, KS, and then either of those lines south of Paola to Wagoner, OK, whence the M-K-T line is taken the rest of the way to Fort Worth:

Kansas City (Sheffield) to Paola (former MoPac)

Terminal Junction to State Line Junction/29th Street (Kansas City)

Kansas City (29th Street) to Olathe (former M-K-T)

Olathe to Paola (former M-K-T)

Paola to Wagoner (former M-K-T)

Paola to Coffeyville (former MoPac)

Coffeyville to Wagoner

Wagoner/Muskogee to Denison

Denison to Choctaw Crossing (Fort Worth)

Choctaw Crossing to Tower 55