Avondale Yard

Avondale Yard lies on the south side of the former Wabash main line in North Kansas City, MO.

There are two yard leads on the south side of the main, west of the yard, on the south side of which is a small TOFC shop with four leads to tis west and two to its east. The two leads become four tracks heading away from the main, feeding a fourteen track Eastbound Yard (which is also linked to the two tracks coming east from the TOFC shop, a six-track Receiving Yard, and a twenty-two track Westbound Yard. Some facilities for Louis Dreyfus lie between the yards and the main, and a dormitory and roundhouse is at the east end of teh yards, between the Receiving Yard and the Westbound Yard. Pairs of leads from the Eastbound/Receiving and the Westbound Yards each reduce to single before connecting back into the main line at Block 222 (MP 271.9).